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AFP Sport Issues Apology After Photo Misuse of Chelsea Goalkeeper Edouard Mendy

AFP Sport have issued an apology to Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy for misusing his photo during coverage of an unrelated story. 

Mendy's photo was used in coverage of Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy following further charges of rape.

The Chelsea goalkeeper responded to the misuse, writing: "Sad to see that in 2021, in France as well as in England, for some, Black people have neither names nor distinct faces. These ‘mistakes’ of photos appear anecdotal, but actually they are quite the opposite, they are highly symbolic.

“It’s not that complicated to differentiate two faces, especially when the football jersey is of valuable help!”


Now Global News Director Philip Chetwynd has penned an apology which the club welcomed. 

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"AFP would like to sincerely apologise for the mistake involving two photographs of you taken by our photographer during Chelsea's Premier League match against Manchester City on September 25. The photographs were wrongly captioned by a photo editor working under pressure for real time deadlines. It was an honest case of human error by an editor working at speed.

"As soon as we realised the mistake, we corrected the caption on the two photographs and the correction was very clearly flagged to our clients. Unfortunately some of our clients used the incorrectly captioned pictures before they were corrected.

"The error is all the more unfortunate because we take enormous care in our photo production. In fact, we have taken hundreds of photographs of you that are correctly captioned, including some during the same match against City. The two were, regrettably, the exception. 

"We would like to once again apologise for the mistake."

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