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RedBird Capital Owner Gerry Cardinale Refuses To Dismiss Owning Liverpool After FSG

Gerry Cardinale, the owner of RedBird Capital Partners, has refused to rule out owning Liverpool in the future. His investment company piled $750million into Fenway Sports Group (FSG) earlier this year in a deal which also saw them partner up with LA Lakers NBA star LeBron James.

The cash injection into FSG is being used to allow growth into all of their sporting operations including the Boston Red Sox. It is also believed the money helped to lessen the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Henry

Was Owning Liverpool Part Of The Plan?

As reported by the Liverpool Echo, Cardinale was in attendance at the Financial Times' Business of Sport US Summit when he admitted owning Liverpool wasn't part of the original plan for his private equity firm.

"We did not underwrite that with that as the goal."

Can Owning Liverpool Be Ruled Out?

The US Businessman would not rule out the possibility of owning Liverpool in the future but was keen to praise the current owners, FSG.

"No, I definitely would not exclude it as it would be a privilege but I think that Liverpool is in fantastic hands with the current group."

"We are there to support and play a supporting role where we can but that is a phenomenal team from ownership and management all the way down."

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LFCTR Verdict

Some Liverpool fans will be buoyed by the news that Cardinale refused to rule owning Liverpool in the future though that would seem some way off at the moment.

There is no doubt he seems keen to expand his portfolio however as he already owns the majority stake in French club Toulouse.

The major issue for Liverpool and FSG currently is how they compete with the mega rich owners of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and now Newcastle.

The club so far have got by through smart investment and brilliant management from their German manager Jurgen Klopp.

There will come a point and that maybe very soon where it's going to need significant investment to stay on the same level as those clubs and that is the conundrum that FSG and maybe Cardinale need to solve.

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