SEC To Vote on Whether to Bring Players Back in June

Glen West

On Thursday while giving a presentation on college sports to the Louisiana Economic Recovery Task Force, LSU exec Verge Ausberry said the SEC presidents would be voting on whether to allow players to return to campus on June 1 or June 15 at an undetermined date.

This is a pretty major development to getting the college football season, at least in the SEC’s perspective, back on track.

On Wednesday, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward said that the athletic department was aiming for a June return of its student-athletes with the hope of it being on June 1.

“I see sometime in June our student-athletes getting back to campus,” Woodward said. “ We are planning and we are doing everything we can to control that we're playing on Labor Day weekend. You can rest assured that our effort is to play football and to play 12 games this season."