Monday's Hot Clicks: Victoria Nasuti; Browns Lose Again (but Two Fans Had a Great Day)

In Monday's Hot Clicks, we salute the two Browns fans who got hitched on the field before Sunday's game.
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Two Browns fans get hitched and more fun from Sunday

As always,Peter King's MMQB should be the first thing you read today. Here are some other items of interest: Twitter couldn't stop talking about the Pats-Steelers ending ... Interesting comments out of the Seahawks' locker room after they were beat up by the Rams ... I got chills from the reception Vikings fans gave Teddy Bridgewater ... Derek Carr must be hating life this morning ... Two Browns fans got married before the game ... JuJu Smith-Schuster trolled Vontaze Burfict with his touchdown celebration ... Cam Newton is so cocky, but he earned it on this play ... Stefon Diggs paid tribute to Kobe Bryantafter scoring a touchdown, though the Packers' power walk was my favorite celebration of the day ... Cool moment after Saturday's Chiefs-Chargers game between Joey Bosa and Tamba Hall.

So long, Jerry Richardson

I had no idea SI was working on this big expose of Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, but we got him pretty good with this report of his sexual misconduct and it looks like he's going to sell the team. Though I'm not sure Diddy (or Brother Love as no one called him) is something the NFL needs right now.

You have to see these hockey jerseys (Olympic athletes from) Russia wants to wear at the 2018 Games

Please, please, please make these happen.

I'm sure everyone hates Boston after yesterday's win, but the city is home of today's LLOD, Victoria Nasuti, and that should count for something (click for full-size gallery). 

2017 SI Media Awards

I love to tease my co-worker Richard Deitsch, because he takes himself way too seriously on Twitter (and it's really fun). But he is the best sports media writer in the country and his annual awards are a must-read

My new favorite SI Swimsuit model

Dominique Wilkins was my favorite NBA player growing up. Now his niece, Jasmyn, is a SI Swimsuit model. What a world!

The hottest sex scenes of 2017

This is safe for work. I promise.

Hot Clicks Giveaway

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LeBron has a message

This looks intriguing

Congrats Striker!

Odds & Ends

Winners and losers from last night's WWE's Clash of the Champions PPV ... Athletes (or anyone, for that matter) in blackface is never a good idea ... I'm really starting to think The Rock will be U.S. President in 2024 ... Nebraska might have gone too far trying to troll Kansas In media guide ... The American Cancer Society is hosting an auction on eBay and I want every prize ... Here's how Mike Francesa ended his WFAN career​ ... The Extra Mustard Holiday Gift Guide is always a good resource for presents ... Dak Prescott is extremely underpaid (and here's a handy tool to prove it) ... Awkward Christmas cards are the best Christmas cards ... Mark Hamill has a secret second role in the new Star Wars movie ... The best Christmas trees from around the world ... AIM is dead but people can't stop talking about their old, embarrassing screen names ... Jason Priestley once punched Harvey Weinstein in the face.

Bills fans bust out flaming table

Overly excited coaches dancing is always fun

Toronto still loves Vince Carter

More Jasmyn Wilkins

The Accidental Activist

R.I.P. Tom Zenk

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