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Reasons Why OBJ 'Would and Would Not' Sign with the Saints?

On Tuesday, the extremely talented and complicated wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., was not claimed off waivers.

On Tuesday, the extraordinarily talented and highly complicated wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., was not claimed off waivers.

What does Beckham's emergence onto the free-agent market mean for the New Orleans Saints?

Sean Payton declared to reporters that it was 'impossible" for the Saints to place a claim for Beckham Jr.  He was right.  In fact, no team placed a claim for OBJ.  Primarily because of the hefty $7.5M price tag attached to claiming him.

Odell Beckham Jr. is now a free agent and has the power to decide where he wants to play for the remainder of the 2021-22 season.

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Factors for OBJ to consider before signing for a team:

  • Is the team a playoff contender?
  • How will the team utilize and accentuate his talent?
  • Who is the head coach, offensive coordinator/play-caller, and track record of producing elite wide receivers in the NFL?
  • If he decides to play this weekend, he and an NFL team must agree on a contract before Saturday.

Positive factors for New Orleans in signing OBJ:

  • Sean Payton - His creativity and ingenuity. His command of the team. He will have authentic leadership on and off the football field.
  • Offense, Offense, Offense: The play-calling developed by Payton and Carmichael can increase a player's productivity with his skills.
  • Executives Gayle Benson, Mickey Loomis, Jeff Irelan,d, and Khai Harley - An owner who cares. Geniuses who love offering player-and-team friendly contracts that work!
  • New Orleans, Louisiana - HOME! Friends, family, neighborhood, schools, the people, and more.
  • Quarterback: Yes, Winston is OUT of the season. Though, Trevor Siemian can pass the football as well. Winston could return to New Orleans. If so, Beckham could be the consistent deep threat missing in 2021.
  • Strong Locker Room:  Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, Cam Jordan, Demario Davis, Taysom Hill, Malcolm Jenkins, and ...
  • Young Receiving Corps:  These guys need help.  Deonte Harris has been a consistent performer.  His future is murky after receiving a one-year probation sentence from a DUI arrest.  According to beat reporter Amie Just, the NFL could review his status and suspend Harris for three games.

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston (2)

Negative factors why OBJ would not sign with New Orleans:

  • Cash Strapped: Little over $900K remains in cap space in 2021.
  • Quarterback: Missing the deep passer after Winston tore his ACL. Quarterbacks with names like Rodgers, Wilson, and Mahomes may be more appealing for immediate gratification purposes.
  • Super Bowl Ring, TODAY: New Orleans is a playoff contender, though may not be an immediate title contender in February. If this is what he is looking for at the moment.
  • Extended Contract: Will he request an extended contract and mega-deal? He may only seek a one-year contract and wait until the salary cap rises in 2022 and become a free agent again.

Beckham Jr. may not strike a deal tonight, and if he plays his cards right, he could land a role with a Super Bowl contender.

Parity for NFL teams is at an all-time high. This season does not have dominant franchises - good teams, but more inconsistent ones.

The Saints can make a compelling pitch to OBJ. Remember Sean Payton is a "Jedi Master" of football and philosophy.

Can New Orleans land Odell Beckham Jr.?

We shall see.

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