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BLEAV in Saints: Bleeding Can Stop Sunday

The Saints have lost five straight, but that can stop with the Jets on Sunday and allow them to make one final push for the season.

The Saints are officially on the struggle bus after losing their fifth straight game. The good news is that New Orleans can stop the bleeding by beating the Jets on Sunday, but they’re going to have to do what works, and that’s run the football and play sound defense. 

Terrance Copper and I break it all down in the latest episode of BLEAV in Saints.

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In This Episode...

  • The great opportunity Taysom Hill has.
  • Making sense of the Marcus Williams play.
  • What did Sean Payton mean about Marquez Callaway and his growth?
  • Payton calls out the defense, but why?
  • What the Saints must do to get a win over the Jets.
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