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Washington Football Team: What's The Best Name For The Future?

Is there a right name for the Washington Football Team in 2022?

Want to name a football team? Good luck finding the right name for Washington. 

For decades, a team's name and logo has defined its status in the world of sports. Franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees and Montreal Canadiens are entrenched with history and tradition of winning. 

For Washington, "Redskins" has been more than just a social lightning rod. It's also represented a losing aura around its organization the last 25 years. 

Since the takeover of current owner Dan Snyder, Washington hasn't won the Super Bowl and only made the playoffs six times. 

A new name is coming to D.C. in 2022. According to Washington Football Team president Jason Wright, the organization will make sure its next name does not have a negative connotation in regard to the Native American community.

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"Feedback from across communities we engaged clearly revealed deep-seated discomfort around Warriors, with the clear acknowledgment that it too closely aligns with Native American themes," Wright wrote in his latest "President's Brief" column on the team website.

A new name must emerge, but what is the right answer? Looking ahead, here are some names that both could win over the fan base and continue to represent the color scheme of burgundy and gold. 


A fan favorite that has gained traction over the past year, it's a unique name that can represent the city and the organization in more ways than one. Wolves travel in packs, meaning together, they are strong. A football team is only as strong as its weakest position, meaning everyone must carry their own weight. 

In a more broad spectrum, WFT sits outside of D.C. in Landover. A country divided will never function, but one made together will always flourish. Like wolves, it's a clear message on how just outside the nation's capital, people working as one will always trump working alone. 

Red Wolves also are a critical species that slowly is becoming extinct since making the endangered list in 1967. At one point, it was found that the species actually inhabited most of the DMV area. 

The fans also seem to be on board with the idea, coming together with several designs that would look well on a jersey and accent the rich history of the color scheme. 


To pay homage to one of our country's forgotten units, the Red Tails would represent the America’s first African-American military pilots, who flew with the famed all-Black Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. 

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In a Yahoo poll list year, Red Tails actually was voted on by fans as the most popular name for the franchise, beating the likes of Warriors, Hogs, Generals and others. Although perhaps losing some traction, odds still believe the name is in the running.

There’s plenty to like about the Red Tails slogan. It has a historic background and it will be based just outside the capital. The name itself represents a group of pioneering black war heroes seems to fit the spirit in the recent racial awakening found in this country. 

Without naming the team "warriors", fans would know this would represent the warrior mantra. 


Gaining more steam following the removal of Warriors, this is a name fans likely are going towards to keep ties in line with the fighting aspect.

Generals lead the military into battle. Their minds strategize and determine the best course of action to win the war. On the football field, general is also used more often than not. 

Middle linebacker is a "field general," the quarterback is the "general of the offense," and the coach is the leader of the team. It makes sense in more ways than one and still represents the military.

Older WFT fans, however, likely wouldn't want to be linked to the bumbling opponent of the Harlem Globetrotters - the Washington Generals.


"The Hogs" was a term coined by offensive line coach Joe Bugel during training camp in 1982 to describe his beefy-but-effective offensive line. The nickname was popularized throughout the 1980s and early '90s due to the team's immense success in the trenches. In the end, Washington won three Super Bowl titles, largely thanks to its offensive line. 

There have been ties to Hogs for years. Several WFT fan sites implement the name. And fans can be seen wearing pig noses and ears on Sundays, best known as the "Hogettes" to the local fanbase. 

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The last time Washington won a Lombardi Trophy, the Hogs played a big role.


If it isn't broke, no reason to fix it. Last season, Ron Rivera led WFT to its first NFC East title since 2015. The team also has rebuilt the defense and now is only a pierce or two from contending. 

Fans have grown accustomed to the WFT slogan, and it does have a nice ring to it. In Major League Soccer, several teams are just named F.C. (Football Club) or of S.C. (Soccer Club). 

Find a full-time logo and there won't be much complaining — especially if Washington continues to win division title under the name.