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Saints Must Solve Inconsistency Problem

The Saints are a team that we haven't been able to figure out yet, and the biggest reason why seems to be consistency.

NEW ORLEANS -- The Saints have been a tough team to figure out in 2021, and after eight games into the season, we're still trying to figure out who the real team is. Sunday's loss to the Falcons only put things more into perspective. Penalties, drops, and defensive breakdowns were a big reason why New Orleans lost, and it's not like it's the first time we've seen these issues this season.

Despite some flashes and success in the run game, the offense was mostly flat for the first 50 minutes of the game, and even though they were able to comeback and eventually take the lead, there are no moral victories in it when you can't finish. The penalties were bad, and it was a big reason why the Saints essentially shot themselves in the foot on drives. However, that was just a microcosm of things. Sloppy play was evident on Sunday, and the fact that several receivers and tight ends had bad drops all game is concerning going forward. It's a position that leaves much to the imagination.

Don't put fault into Trevor Siemian, as he played pretty well in his first start with the Saints. The lone play that may have been a blemish in his day was a strip-sack that was recovered by the Falcons and almost returned for a touchdown. Siemian, being the veteran that he is, took ownership of the play saying that he could have done something differently and conversing with Terron Armstead about it. Conversely, Armstead said it was a bad rep and that he took a bad angle, and that play was 100 percent on him. 

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Malcolm Jenkins said after the game, “When we execute, we can play with anybody. So the biggest thing for us that I say we don't like is the inconsistency. We're a team that doesn't make excuses.”

It couldn't be put any better. We've seen the Saints play at a high level and execute in all phases of the game this season. It's a reason why they won their opener against the Packers, and then ended up gutting out some big road wins this year. However, when they've lost, they've lost in bad ways where all of the 'stuff' comes out to rear its ugly head. Communication and assignments are things that can be fixed, and that's usually the issue when we see big plays.

At 5-3, the Saints are very much a team that's in play for the postseason, but they're going to have be better and play as flawless as humanly possible down the stretch. On Sunday, we witnessed the big powerhouse favorites like the Bills and Cowboys struggle and get upset. Losses are going to happen, and it's how you learn from them and ultimately show up the next week that speaks louder than words. New Orleans is a team that's capable of doing this, as they've done year after year, but they're going to have to vastly reduce the amount of inconsistencies to get where they hope to go.

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