Jody Allen Takes Ownership Lead, Seahawks Won’t Be Sold

Corbin Smith

Those who feared about the future of the Seattle Seahawks can breathe a sigh of relief.

When long-time owner Paul Allen passed away in October due to complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the status of the team in Seattle was in limbo.

But as indicated by general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll this week at the NFL Scouting Combine, Allen’s sister Jody has assumed control of the franchise as the new trustee of the Paul G. Allen Trust, which owns the Seahawks.

“We lost Paul, we all miss Paul a ton. We’ve been working with Jody now, his sister, and she has been amazing,” Schneider said. “It has been hard, but she has been amazing. She’s real responsive, she is into it. She’s aligned, she wants to win, it has been great in that regard.”

With the franchise on the verge of relocating to California, Paul Allen purchased the Seahawks for $194 million in 1997. After sweating out a close vote for a new stadium seeking $300 million in public funding, Referendum 48 passed in Washington and CenturyLink Field officially opened in 2002.

As of September 2018, Forbes valued the Seahawks at $2.58 billion, ranking it 16th among NFL franchises.

Along with owning the Seahawks, Allen originally purchased the Portland Trail Blazers in 1988 and the NBA franchise is currently estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. He also held part ownership in the Seattle Sounders, a soccer franchise in the MLS.

After Allen passed away, most people in the sports business industry expected the Seahawks to be sold and the presence of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the Super Bowl ramped up speculation he may have interest in purchasing the franchise.

But thankfully for Seahawks fans and the organization as a whole, Jody wanted to continue her brother’s legacy by maintaining ownership of the Seahawks and Pete Carroll said the transition has been seamless.

"We've had great meetings with Jody. I've been so impressed, and her ability to put things in motion in similar fashion."

For fans who are concerned about the future of the franchise, Carroll believes Allen will surprise people with her “aggressive” approach as an owner and the team will remain in great hands.

“She is so mindful of the 12s and the area—it's so dear to her heart that we do a good job to represent and give them everything that they deserve. In time, as you guys get to know her, you are going to see that we are very fortunate that she's taken on the leadership.”