After 11 Seasons in Washington, Sundberg is Gone

It's not often that long-snappers are part of the fabric of an organization, but Nick Sundberg was
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ASHBURN, Va. -- Nick Sundberg is much more than a long-snapper, which is his day job and has been for the last 11 seasons in Washington.

But the WFY is his day job no more, as he's an unrestricted free agent with coach Ron Rivera having decided to move on. 

Sundberg just wrapped up a four-year deal that paid him $1.05 million last year and at 34, was thought to be almost a sure-fire guarantee to return. 

Why? Because there's not many better.

Clearly, getting younger and cheaper is always important and perhaps Washington did not want to make a three- or four-year commitment but the decision is still very surprising. 

It is hard to remember any bad snaps that Sundberg has had anytime recently. 

He was a key cog in helping Tress Way develop into one of the best punters in the NFL and despite Dustin Hopkins' struggles last year, Sundberg has never been regarded as anything other than solid, tough and smart. 

A scan of potential replacement options on the free agent market revealed a 17-year, nearly 40-year old veteran, Don Muhlbach, who was with Martin Mayhew in Detroit for his tenure there. A similar story exists in Dallas. After 16 seasons, L.P. Ladouceur, 40, is being replaced.

That could be where Washington goes or they could sign a long-snapper after the draft but that plan would be risky. 

Sundberg was a very good specialist. He was durable and reliable. He represented the organization well. 

Off the field, along with his wife Flora and the organization's charitable foundation - Sundberg started "LOL" or "Loads of Love" - which is designed to provide laundry facilities and resources to school age children at no cost. 

The charitable group became one of the signature programs in the NFL and for the Washington Football franchise. 

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Sundberg was nominated as the Washington Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner in 2019. 

So, 11 years after he arrived,  Sundberg will be leaving. His legacy? 

Sundberg one of the few consistent good things that the organization has had over the last decade.