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Colts QB Jacoby Brissett Fits Washington, Says Expert Analyst

Jacoby Brissett has learned under some of the best in his NFL career. Could he use that knowledge to regain a starting job?

ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team has been connected with just about every quarterback that has a pulse, except for one. 

Jacoby Brissett. The former New England Patriots and probably former Indianapolis Colts QB who is set to hit free agency in a week. 

Could he be a target in Washington? Could he be a fit? 

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Logan Paulsen, a 10-year veteran tight end in the NFL with the WFT along with stops in Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Houston was a guest of the Locked On Washington Football Team podcast on Monday with David Harrison and myself and explained why he feels this is a match that could work. 

Paulsen's point in general was that the WFT were targeting some big names that are un-obtainable and/or are likely washed up. 

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Brissett  "as a bridge guy" made sense to Paulsen and certainly to anyone because he immediately filled in the gap when Andrew Luck retired after also filling in for Tom Brady as a rookie in New England. 

"He has a skillset that fits what the Washington Football Team needs right now," Paulsen said. 

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About the WFT offense: "He's going to learn it quickly and effectively ...and he's not super expensive." 

All of that is probably true. One intriguing aspect of Brissett is deep-ball accuracy. 

Don't forget about his third-down prowess as well. 

Overall, Brissett is (PFF) No. 71 free agent and is projected by to get a two-year, seven million average per year with eight million guaranteed.

He's 28 and although he's been inconsistent enough to be replaced by hall-of-famers, he could offer a bridge solution to a major problem without having to break the bank. 

Nobody should think that's he would be the clear No. 1 but instead -- he would enter a competition with Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke for the top spot, something that Ron Rivera wishes he had truly held in his first season at the helm. 

A competition for the starting job. 

This might be the best combination of experience, mobility, arm and cost that the NFL has to offer.