Scherff Signs Washington Franchise Tag, No More Delays

Brandon Scherff and his agent were waiting. For something. But now their good fortune is signed and sealed.
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ASHBURN, Va. -- It's not the signing that many Washington Football Team fans wanted, but it's an interesting and important one nonetheless. 

Brandon Scherff has signed his 2021 franchise tag tender issued by the WFT earlier this week, a tagged standout for a second year in a row. 

You might be thinking to yourself that this is no big deal and perhaps you're right. It was very likely that Scherff was always going to sign his tag but look at the comment Rapoport added. 


Well, respectfully ... no. It's what Scherff should have done four days ago. He should have hopped on that guaranteed pay day immediately. 

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Why? Because it's over-market value. By a lot. 

It was necessary for Scherff to sign the tag because his good fortune was possibly going to slip away. 

As Field Yates of ESPN put it "Another player locking in the money now, with the hopes of a long-term deal before July 15."

OK but the "locking in the money now" part is not just because that's what you should do -- it's the obvious thing to do. ... Not to mention the free agent guard market is overflowing. Kevin Zeitler was released by the Giants, former Panthers guard Trai Turner was released by the Chargers and we will suggest that a reunion with Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney could have happened. 

There  are rumors about Brandon Brooks from the Eagles being released. Left guards who could ultimately play right guard are also available. 

Scherff could still get his multi-year deal by July 15. If he doesn't, he's almost surely playing out the one-year rental and then leaving. 

He may have also been trying to avoid something my Team 980 (Washington D.C.) radio partner Pete Medhurst has been suggesting all week and that was Ron Rivera and the WFT pulling/rescinding the tag if they found someone in the ballpark of Scherff and at a much lower cost. 

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They can't do that now but they could still trade Scherff if they really wanted to ensure getting something in return. 

Or they can take one or two more cracks with the Pro Bowler Scherff in early- to mid-July and strike out on a multi-year deal again, as they have for the last two years.