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'Smooth Operator': Where's WFT's Terry McLaurin on NFL Top 100?

'McLaurin was so good, so quickly at the NFL level that he had people fighting over what his nickname would be,' says one WFT analyst

We're not going to argue with Pro Football Network's view of Terry McLaurin. Rather, we're going to agree with the essence of PFN's assessment of the Washington Football Team's standout receiver.

They recently released a portion of their top 100 players list, and Terry McLaurin came in at No. 90. 

From our friend Dalton Miller’s piece: "McLaurin was so good, so quickly at the NFL level that he had people fighting over what his nickname would be.The speedster from Ohio State didn’t have the production coming out, and he was an older prospect, so his ascension into the NFL Top 100 list for 2021 might be surprising to some. Although, with how well we’ve seen him play in his first two seasons, it’s impossible not to be a fan of his play.''

We enjoy the honesty here. So often, "internet scouts'' feign impartiality. Here, PFN is just being honest: Everything about what "Scary Terry'' (or whichever nickname the WFT and its fans settle on) is simply a joy to watch ... and has been a joy to watch develop.

As PFN notes, even though there has been development over the course of his two pro seasons since coming out of Ohio State as a third-round pick, McLaurin has produced a total of 2,037 receiving yards. He's done this while teaming with a assortment of QBs who, frankly, haven't been nearly as good at their jobs as he's been at his.

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PFN writes, "McLaurin is a smooth operator who fluidly gets in and out of his route breaks while maintaining high cornering speeds. This allows him to create easy separation as a route runner.''

"Smooth operator''? Well, McLaurin was a good story on the phone from the very start ...

And in 2021, with a QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick who fully understands those routes? And a running mate in newcomer vet signee Curtis Samuel, who is equally "scary''?

Let's not argue about "No. 90.'' Let's appreciate the likely continued ascent of this "smooth operator'' in burgundy and gold.

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