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Rock Entertainment Group Join Ricketts Family & Ken Griffin's Bid for Chelsea

The Ricketts family and Ken Griffin have been joined by the Rock Entertainment Group, which is headed by Dan Gilbert, in their bid to buy Chelsea, according to reports.

After making the four-party shortlist for the Chelsea takeover, due diligence is now being done by the consortiums ahead of the April 11 deadline to submit final bids and proposals for the Club. 

Griffin, a hedge fund billionaire, was believed to be heavily funding the consortium, however a spokesman refused to confirm who had the leading stake after claiming the Ricketts family wouldn't own a controlling stake

“That’s still shaping up and if they’re successful, I’m sure there will be more to be shared on that," spokesman Dennis Culloton said. 

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But now it's been revealed by Sky News that Cleveland Cavalier owners the Rock Entertainment Group have joined forces with the Ricketts and Griffin.

They have agreed to invest a 'significant - though undisclosed - sum in the bid' should it be successful.

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However, Matt Law has clarified that it remains a Ricketts-led bid even if they do not have the controlling stake. The group are yet to comment on the planned share split between all of the parties involved. 

The Ricketts family have come under heavy scrutiny following comments made by family members in the past, as well as their sporting issues with the Chicago Cubs.

Tom Ricketts has met many parties involved for his bid for Chelsea, and despite protests prior to Saturday's 4-1 defeat to Brentford, wants to continue to meet fan groups and others to share his vision for the Club should they be successful.


He said in a statement"Over the past fortnight, our bid team has met with several supporter groups to explain our vision for Chelsea Football Club. In those meetings, and by letter to all groups, we have shared a set of specific commitment we will make to fans, if our bid is successful.

"We believe these are far-reaching and certainly include an absolute commitment on the part of the Ricketts Family and the bid team to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of the club.

"We look forward to more meetings - including with the Chelsea Supporters' Trust - over the coming days and to making a public reiteration of our values and commitments."

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