May 05, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Happy Cinco De Mayo
Elsa Benitez
Elsa Benitez :: Stewart Shining/SI

The Big Picture celebrates this festive occasion by looking at the top five Mexican athletes in sports today. Manofest celebrates by looking at the 10 sexiest Mexican women in the world. One-time SI Swimsuit cover girl Elsa Benitez cracked the list, which is good because we just happen to have more Elsa pictures right here.

Shaq = So Awesome

Keep in mind before you watch this must-see clip that Shaquille O'Neal has been Twittering about his diet and his mission to lose enough weight to become a Calvin Klein underwear model.

Let's Just Move Back Across The Street

Can we just tear down the new Yankee Stadium, cut our losses and move back to the old building? It's been one disaster after another, with last night's "is it or isn't canceled" fiasco nearly causing a riot. One woman even allegedly kicked a police officer in the face after she was refused re-entry into Yankee Stadium following the rain delay. (Thanks to Bob's Blitz for the tip.)

King Gets Crowned
LeBron James
LeBron James :: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images
One editorial comment: Unless your team is playing the Cavs, how can you not like LeBron James? The guy accepted his MVP trophy at his high school yesterday, and gave each of his teammates a new camera. Now, a LeBron e-mail from Jeff, of Youngstown, Ohio: "Jimmy, in honor of LBJ winning the MVP, I would encourage you and all of your readers to celebrate by going to the bar this weekend and having a drink that is growing in popularity, that you may not have heard about. The 'LeBomb James' requires a shot of Crown Royal (for King James), some Red Bull and three packs of Splenda. Drop the shot of Crown in the Red Bull, chug it, dump Splenda in your hands, and 'baby powder throw' it into the air like LBJ. It's an instant hit with the bar patrons." Lastly, you need to check out this car and LeBron tribute video made by a Cleveland hip-hop artist.
Move Over Rick Ankiel and Mackey Sasser

This is a few years old, but it doesn't matter. When a pitcher can't pull off an intentional walk, it's still a must-see.

I'm Sure This Won't Come Up In The Locker Room

Reggie Bush not only knows how to make defenders miss in the open field, he also knows how to buy feminine hygiene products.


Lately, all the talk has been about Twitter. But the Hot Clicks Facebook group deserves major props because it topped 14,000 members over the weekend. The group has been rewarded with a must-see Megan Fox video.

Sports Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks recently featured videos of hard-to-believe basketball shots. Today, it's hard-to-believe beer pong shots. The refrigerator one at the 2:02 mark is my favorite. (Thanks to Jared Hay, of Bourbonnais, Ill., for the link.)

Courtroom Video Of The Day

Hot Clicks has linked to the Kevin Everett blooper video many times, including just a couple of weeks ago. Well, Matt from has sent along the full version of the courtroom video in which the guy in the wheelchair freaks out. It's notable for two things. One, one of the cops uses a Taser on another cop by accident. Two, the way the guy in the wheelchair was muzzled after his outburst.

Wacky Guy Video Of The Day

Remember those two Cleveland tourism videos Hot Clicks featured recently? Well, Troy Mahoney, of Columbus, Ohio, informs me that the guy who made the videos, Mike Polk, also made a YouTube video that sums up how bad his various TV appearances (there's a cameo by Kim Kardashian) have been and how he has the least impressive television credits of all time.

Music Video Of The Day

Jonny, of St. Paul, Minn., had this to say about yesterday's Hot Clicks: "Much more talent on the Hurricanes' ice squad (and better questions on their personal pages). Now I know you like the cheesy '80s music, Jimmy. How dare you put a picture of a girl named Rosanna to lead off, and not include the Toto song by the same name." Truth be told, I was going to, but I had rambled on enough yesterday. So, here it is today.

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