Packers Trading Rodgers? WFT 'Must Win Bidding War'

It will be a dominant topic of the NFL offseason. Is Aaron Rodgers done with the Packers? And if so, where does Washington get in line for the trade?
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ASHBURN, Va. -- The Washington Football Team needs a starting quarterback. They have several fringe candidates but no long-term, sure-fire answer. 

Let's try this as a long-shot possibility (and don't laugh): Could Aaron Rodgers become disgruntled enough in Green Bay that he asks out? 

Many didn't think Tom Brady would leave New England. He did. Now he's hosting the Super Bowl in Tampa. Peyton Manning forever a Colt, right? Nope. He finished his career and with a Super Bowl win aided by his defense and run game in Denver.  Joe Montana left San Francisco to go to Kansas City and almost made it to the big game again in 1994. 

The point is, in the NFL, change happens, sometimes in shocking ways, even to big-shot QBs. Indeed, we don't have to go back decades. Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson are all here to testify ...

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Matt LaFleur, the former Washington quarterbacks coach, didn't show a ton of faith in Rodgers and the Green Bay offense when deciding to kick a field goal down by 8 on 4th-and-goal from the Tampa-8 with just over two minutes left in the game. 

Green Bay had all of its timeouts remaining so if they went for it and came up short, they'd still be down by eight points and have four stoppages of the clock left. Instead the Packers made it a five-point deficit and twitter exploded. 

After the loss, LaFleur was asked if he thought Rodgers would want to stay in Green Bay. 

Said the coach: "I sure as hell hope so. I mean, the guy is the MVP of this league. He's the heart and soul of our football team. So, hell yeah. He better be back here. He's our leader."

All of this is fueled by Rodgers saying his future in Green Bay is "uncertain.'' Maybe that's just post-loss emotion, but if Rodgers decides he's done in Wisconsin, that could change things completely. 

And - another "if'' -  if that happens, the Washington Football Team should move mountains to get Rodgers. He's an all-time elite QB.  Two first-round picks? Two and a player? More?

WFT would, in our opinion, be justified in winning a bidding war in trading for Aaron Rodgers, at almost whatever the price.

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