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The Rylan Griffen Blog: This is Why I Committed to Alabama…

Griffen picked the Crimson Tide over N.C. State, Oklahoma and Kansas State.
Rylan Griffen was one of the top guards in the adidas 3SSB summer circuit this year.

Rylan Griffen was one of the top guards in the adidas 3SSB summer circuit this year.

Richardson (Texas) shooting guard Rylan Griffen, one of the top scoring guards in the 2022 class, ended his recruitment Tuesday, picking Alabama over Oklahoma, N.C. State and Kansas State. Griffen wrote an exclusive blog with Sports Illustrated breaking down his thought process behind his decision.

What’s up y’all it’s Rylan here and I am excited to announce that I am officially committed to the University of Alabama!

I’m gonna be in Tuscaloosa next year!

I chose them because of my relationship with Coach (Nate) Oats. He told me that he doesn’t really recruit Texas that hard, but when he saw me he knew he had to have me there. That was something that really stuck out to me, and also how committed they are to making me a better player.

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It's crazy because the moment when it finally hit me that I was gonna commit to Alabama was last week when I was on the Xbox. Haha!

The thought just came to me really strong, and I called my dad and told him that I was ready to tell the coaches I’m coming.

I ended up calling Coach Oats in the middle of the Packers Thursday night game, so he was pretty shocked when I called him! He was just happy and kept telling me that I was his guy now. He told me he was gonna take care of me and he would help me be a better player.

Nate Oats

Nate Oats managed to lure Griffen away from Texas.

Then I called Coach (Bryan) Hodgson and he was really excited too!

Their plan is for me to basically play position-less; they want me to bring the ball up, be a spot up shooter, get to the rim… Basically just get the rebound and just go!

As a guard their offense is so fun to watch, so I know it’s gonna be super fun to play in!

Our class is really strong, I think we can be really special. Coach Hodgson says he feels like we have the best class in the country, and I can’t disagree with him there!

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There are a lot of talented classes, but I feel like we’re right there with all of them.

Then, while I was weighing out my options, it meant a lot to me that Jaden (Bradley) kept reaching out trying to get me to come with him to Alabama! There were other schools that had committed recruits at schools, and I would hear from them sometimes, but none of them came at me like Jaden!

I knew that he really wanted me there, so that just helps our chemistry on the floor.

Man, I’m so relieved to have this decision out of the way! There were so many times when I was just stressed and my coach could really tell.

The day after I committed, my coach came up to me and told me that it was my best day of practice this year! And he didn’t know I had committed the night before.

This process can be a lot on us!

I’m going to sign on Wednesday, so that’s something else I’m looking forward to!

I definitely want to take a second to thank all of the other coaches that recruited me too. They did a great job and I built good relationships, but I could only choose one.

OK, guys I want to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts behind my decision!

All of my Alabama fans, I’ll see you soon.

Roll Tide!

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