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All the latest news, analysis and updates from the Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game

Notre Dame is set to play its annual Blue-Gold Game, which is our first chance to see the 2021 version of the Fighting Irish. Below you'll find information about how to watch the game, and once the game starts this is where you'll find any news and updates from the stadium, and you'll find all of my analysis of what I'm seeing from the pressbox.


*** Buchner's second series looked more like that of a true freshman. He underthrew Keys because he let the pressure get too far inside and locked in on Keys on a third-down, rushing the throw and missing badly to force a three-and-out.

*** Another Gold drive stalls short of the end zone, this time thanks to a crushing hit by Litchfield Ajavon in the end zone, a great open field tackle short of the goal line by TaRiq Bracy and another breakup by Ajavon to force a fourth down. On fourth down Cam Hart had great coverage on Wilkins on the incompletion. Oh the first play by Ajavon, Coan made a good read of an RPO and fit a slant route in between two defenders, but Wilkins couldn't hang onto the ball after receiving a big blow from Ajavon.

*** Tyler Buchner starts the second half with three straight throws that gained at least 22 yards. Buchner got the ball out quickly up the seams and was accurate/confident. He finished the drive off with a keep for a rushing touchdown. Very, very impressive drive from the freshman.

*** The Gold is only able to manage a field goal after freshman safety Justin Walters picked off Drew Pyne. It's now a 3-3 game as the OL continues to struggle to protect the QBs on both sides.

*** Gold offense goes three-and-out thanks to a great 2nd-and-2 tackle for loss from Alexander Ehrensberger, who stayed backside, read the read zone perfectly and blew up the run. Jack Kiser made a great stop on 3rd-down short of the sticks.

*** Drew Pyne finds Braden Lenzy for a 22 yard gain to convert a third-and-long, it was a blown coverage by the secondary. Blue offense stalls after a sack and a false start move them back. Pyne and Lenzy had a miscommunication on a one-on-one vs Caleb Offord. Pyne threw a comeback but Lenzy correctly kept going because the corner never flipped his hips.

*** The Gold offense moves again but this time the drive is stopped by a Shayne Simon interception. Simon stepped in front of Kyren Williams to pick it off. Coan began the series with a great read on a Flood concept to get 22 yards. On 3rd-and-4 he hit Kyren Williams on a swing route and Williams out-ran Bo Bauer for a 14-yard gain. Three players later was the pick.

*** The first series for Tyler Buchner at QB is a three-and-out. He made a shaky read on a read zone on first down but juked Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa and picked up three yards. He rushed a read on third-down and threw a slant into double coverage and it fell incomplete.

*** For the most part there are players getting open when the QBs have time to throw, but they are rarely having much time to throw so far.

*** Gold team once again goes on the move but comes up empty. Coan found Avery Davis up the field for a 24-yard gain on a bootleg, but Ryan Barnes rode Joe Wilkins Jr. out of bounds to force an incompletion and then Bo Bauer blew up a 2nd-down run to C'Bo Flemister for a loss. Isaiah Foskey and Justin Ademilola combined for a sack on third-down.

*** Blue team gets on the board first thanks mainly to a lot of work from Chris Tyree, who bounced a run outside for 16 yards and caught a pass for 18 yards. The pass was well-designed out of empty, with Tyree outside, they cleared out the coverage and ran him on an out cut, and Tyree did the rest. Pyne had a great 4th-2 read to get Mitchell Evans the ball for a first down. OL was up-and-down, best block was a combo by John Dirksen/Michael Carmody that opened up Tyree for an 8-yard run, but OL got blown up on the next play for a loss.

*** Coan starts series two off with another great deep ball, hitting TE George Takacs up the seam for a gain of 25. Joe Wilkins and Lorenzo Styles Jr. had back to back drops. On 3rd-and-10 Coan did a great job stepping into the pocket and hitting Lorenzo Styles Jr. for what would have been a first down, but it was rule a sack. Likely would not have been a sack.

*** Through one series each there hasn't been much action outside of a beautiful deep throw from Jack Coan to Joe Wilkins Jr. for 32 yards despite good coverage from Cam Hart. The Blue team picked up a nice first down on an option route to Lawrence Keys, who worked open and Drew Pyne got him the ball quickly, and Keys did work after the catch. OL is struggling on both sides, no movement, OL not coming off the ball.

12:33 PM - Houston Griffith and Shayne Simon were the captains today, Griffith for the Gold and Simon for the Blue.

12:12 PM - Jack Coan will be the quarterback for the Gold team. Drew Pyne will be the quarterback for the Blue team. Tyler Buchner is also on the Blue squad. Ron Powlus is on the Gold squad.

12:05 PM - Here is the list of players I do not expect to play today:

WR Kevin Austin
TE Kevin Bauman
QB Brendon Clark
S Kyle Hamilton
DT Jacob Lacey
LB Paul Moala
OL Jarrett Patterson
LS Alex Peitsch
DT Gabriel Rubio
DE Will Schweitzer
OL Hunter Spears
LB Drew White


QB #17 Jack Coan
QB #11 Ron Powlus

RB #23 Kyren Williams
RB #20 C'Bo Flemister

WR #18 Joe Wilkins Jr.
WR #3 Avery Davis
WR #21 Lorenzo Styles Jr.
WR #81 Jay Brunelle

TE #87 George Takacs
TE #80 Cane Berrong (He's playing on both teams)

OL #77 Quinn Carroll
OL #52 Zeke Correll
OL #54 Blake Fisher
OL #73 Andrew Kristofic
OL #75 Josh Lugg
OL #72 Caleb Johnson


DE #95 Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa
DE #17 Jordan Botelho
DE #18 NaNa Osafo-Mensah

DT #41 Kurt Hinish
DT #99 Rylie Mills
DT #92 Aidan Keanaaina (Playing on both teams)

LB #35 Marist Liufau
LB #44 Devin Aupiu (Playing on both teams)
LB #27 JD Bertrand (Playing on both teams)
LB #10 Isaiah Pryor

S #3 Houston Griffith
S #16 KJ Wallace
S #20 Justin Walters

CB #26 Clarence Lewis
CB #11 Ramon Henderson
CB #21 Caleb Offord


QB #10 Drew Pyne
QB #12 Tyler Buchner

RB #25 Chris Tyree

WR #15 Jordan Johnson
WR #13 Lawrence Keys III
WR #0 Braden Lenzy
WR #82 Xavier Watts

TE #87 Michael Mayer
TE #80 Cane Berrong
TE #88 Mitchell Evans

OL #79 Tosh Baker
OL #68 Michael Carmody
OL #56 John Dirksen
OL #76 Dillan Gibbons
OL #50 Rocco Spindler


DE #7 Isaiah Foskey
DE #19 Justin Ademilola
DE #98 Alexander Ehrensberger
DE #34 Osita Ekwonu (That's where he's listed on today's roster)

DT #57 Jayson Ademilola
DT #56 Howard Cross III
DT #92 Aidan Keanaaina

LB #33 Shayne Simon
LB #52 Bo Bauer
LB #24 Jack Kiser
LB #44 Devin Aupiu 
LB #27 JD Bertrand

S #12 DJ Brown
S #23 Litchfield Ajavon

CB #5 Cam Hart
CB #28 TaRiq Bracy
CB #15 Ryan Barnes
CB #25 Philip Riley

How To Watch The Notre Dame Blue-Gold Game

Date: Saturday, May 1
Time: 12:30 PM ET
Where To Watch: Peacock (Click on the link to get free access)

The Blue-Gold Game will be free for anyone that wants to watch the game. You must create a Peacock account, but it's free to do so in order to watch the Blue-Gold Game. If you have Xfinity or Cox simply sign in with your accounts to those services and you will have access to Peacock's premium services, but those are not needed to watch the Blue-Gold Game

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