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The New York Knicks are 7-5 and off to an excellent start to the 2021-22 NBA season

This is also coming off of a season where Julius Randle was an All-Star, Tom Thibodeau was the NBA's Coach of The Year and the Knicks had a 41-31 record that gave them home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. 

They did lose to the Atlanta Hawks in five games in the first round, but clearly, they are on a big upward trajectory. 

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers are off to a 5-8 start to the season.

The Pacers have a lot of good players all over the roster, but no true star power, and maybe it's time they think about selling high on some of their talented players. 

I think the Knicks should try and bolster their team by trading for Myles Turner of the Indiana Pacers.

Last week Turner had 25 points, 13 rebounds and three blocks in the Pacers 111-98 win over the Knicks. 

Why Would Myles Turner Work In The Big Apple?

Turner led the NBA in blocks per game last season for the second time in his career, and he is the perfect missing piece on a team that is already really good. 

He's not the kind of star that could actually carry a team by himself, but he would make everyone else's life easier on a team that is already really talented. 

Right now, the Knicks have a young, talented center in Mitchell Robinson who is off to a good start to the season himself. 

That being said, Turner is the better player and it's not a question. 

Turner would be an upgrade over Robinson, and if in this hypothetical trade they could keep Robinson, they'd instantly have the best defensive rotation of centers in the NBA. 

When Thibodeau coached the Bulls he had immense success with Joakim Noah. 

Noah was not a good scorer, but made winning plays, rebounded and defended. 

Thibodeau could turn Turner into an even better player than he already is today. 

Even if the Pacers turn around their early poor start to the season, they still aren't going to sniff a title this year. 

As for the Knicks, they have a group of rising stars that could make a serious run in an Eastern Conference that has seen the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers struggle to start the season (and miss key players). 

Over the off-season on August 1, J. Michael (who was writing for the IndyStar) reported that the Knicks were interested in Turner (See tweet below and read article here). 

I think the Knicks should go for it this season, and make a move for Turner.