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Washington WR Curtis Samuel: 'Our Offense is Great!'

Is Curtis Samuel the crowning piece on a suddenly explosive offense? Don't sleep on the blazing speed the WFT now has.

ASHBURN, Va. -- New Washington Football Team receiver Curtis Samuel didn't have to come here. He wanted to. It was his choice and it goes without saying that the WFT wanted him here.

For many reasons.

“I’m definitely excited to be here,'' he said. "I was in Carolina with coach (Ron) Rivera and Scott (Turner, offensive coordinator). Just really knowing the offense and how everything goes around here, I was really familiar with it just being in his system. You don’t go into a system or a situation where it’s not for you to do good. 

"Our offense is great."

How great? That's the part we don't know. This much is clear ...they have a lot more juice than last year's unit.

If they can stay relatively healthy, including 38-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick as the primary starter under center, they can be an explosive offense.

Could they average at least 24 points per game?

The opportunity to be great and to "dance'' a lot, as Samuel wants to do, was tempting.

There's more that made Washington appealing.

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Familiarity often breeds content, especially in the NFL. But many from Carolina have come along with Rivera to Washington.

Samuel's signing is also about the progress that the WFT are finally making as an organization. Players now want to play in Washington for other reasons than money.

Sure, Samuel got paid, and handsomely.

But three years and $34.5 mil is market-reasonable.

Also key: He wanted to reunite with Terry McLaurin.

Teammates at Ohio State, they became fast friends. 

"We always talked about being teammates in the NFL,'' Samuel said. "The opportunity presented itself."

Samuel said McLaurin is a 'phenomenal player, a great athlete' and 'just being able to link back up and play with each other, it's amazing. It's a great feeling for me."

Samuel has blazing speed and can leave someone in the dust from out of the slot. Or he can do it outside.

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Opposing defenses are now going to have to worry about electric speed and positional versatility/alignment for Samuel and McLaurin, and if Washington wants to really double-down on wheels, they can bring Steven Sims Jr and Jeff Badet in to run a four-verticals look and really put an opponent in a compromising position.

Or they could deploy Samuel out of the backfield, as Carolina did more of this year. He's a natural there, too.

You might not know or remember that Samuel is, or was, a running back by trade. 

"If anything, I work mostly on just becoming a better receiver. I haven’t spent too much of my life playing receiver," Samuel said. "Running back is natural to me. I’ve played that my whole life. If you put me in the backfield, you don’t have to tell me the reads or anything. Just tell me what direction I’m going. You know my talents. My history of playing running back just kind of takes over.

"I just want to go forward and to become a better receiver, working each and every day at things I’m not great at and try to become great at it.”

Consistently catching the ball is tops on that list, so fans and coaches are going to have to live with the occasional drop.

But Samuel, along with McLaurin and others, should have plenty of opportunities to light up the scoreboard and that will make the growing pains more tolerable and the results more special.

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