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Dorman (Roebuck, S.C.) forward Noah Clowney, one of the top bigs in the country, is officially off the board to Alabama, picking the Crimson Tide over Indiana, Virginia Tech and South Carolina. Clowney wrote an exclusive blog with Sports Illustrated to explain his thought process behind the big decision.

What’s up world, this is Noah Clowney and I’m excited to announce that I’m officially committed to Alabama!

I feel like I put a lot of time and thought into this decision and it’s a big relief to have it over and done with. I know that I made the best choice for me personally and, like I said, I’m really excited about it!

I think the thing about Alabama was the pace and the offense.

I love to play fast, and I know that’s how they play in the NBA.

I know people think they’re all about guards getting downhill, but they showed me how I would fit into the offense whether it’s pick-and-pop or catching at the elbow and making plays from there.

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It really plays to my strengths and there’s a lot of transition in their offense, so that was a major selling point for me too.

I know they’re confident in my ability to do a lot of things on both ends of the floor, and that was a big key for me.

This decision wasn’t easy though; I feel like I was back and forth a couple of different times saying I was gonna go to a couple different schools.

When I got back from the Alabama visit, I took about four days off to just not think about anything at all. After that I felt like it was Alabama, but I was still back and forth because I liked the other schools too. Then I got to the point and had a long conversation with my people, and it was just clearer that Alabama was it.

I called Coach (Antoine) Pettway first because he was the coach who was recruiting me, he was in practice and when I told him he just started running! Haha! He literally ran out of practice; he was so excited!

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I called Coach (Nate) Oats later and he just started laughing and said, “So that’s why he ran out of practice!”

They were just really excited about me committing and were welcoming me to the family!

It was tough to call the other coaches and tell them that I was going with another school, but they really understood where I was coming from. They told me that if I ever needed them, I could still call them, so that was good to know that I made genuine relationships with the coaches!

Our class is looking strong already and I think we’re gonna be able to do some big things there! The goal is to have the best record in the SEC, win that and then get the national title!

I’m so relieved to have this decision out of the way! It was fun, but it was a lot.

Now, I’m just focused on going after this state title.

OK guys I appreciate you reading my thoughts and thanks to Sports Illustrated for giving me the platform.

Roll Tide!

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