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Adorable Fox Trots Around the Field During Arizona State-USC Game, Jumps Into Stands

Pac-12 after dark got especially random Saturday night when a fox took center stage when Arizona State faced USC. 

The adorable four-legged intruder was initially mistaken as a cat by broadcasters, the usual feral animals that rush the field, but it turned out to be a fox—the first time one has made an appearance this college football season. 

It trotted to the sideline where it came face to face with a towering concrete wall that separated the field from the thousands in attendance at Sun Devil Stadium. In an incredible showing of athleticism, the fox jumped up the wall, scaled the concrete and scurried into the stands. 

Soon after, it re-appeared and timidly wandered in the end zone looking for an exit as fans cheered while it was guided towards the tunnel by security. Once it saw the tunnel, it made a break for it. 

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The fox hit full stride in the tunnel as the stadium erupted in celebration and it appeared to make its final exit. So long fox, so long.

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