Indians Can No Longer Count on Just the Starting Pitching

Zach Shafron

Throughout this entire Cleveland Indians season filled with ups and downs, many would cite just how stellar the starting pitching staff has performed. 

Yes, even during bad times, fans would bank on those that took the mound in order to lead this team to victories.

Well, the Indians are in the midst of a seven-game losing streak. It has put them in third place in the AL Central, six games behind the Chicago White Sox (three behind the Minnesota Twins for second). 

However, since the MLB expanded the playoffs to eight teams in each league for the usual six, the Indians do still have a good chance of making it with 12 games to go in regular season play at a 26-22 overall record.

The problem is that the starting pitchers for the Tribe are simply losing confidence in the team they pitch for here in Cleveland. 

After all, the Indians are tied for 24th with a collective batting average of .229 and are 27th in team RBI with 183. Those indicators show just how wretched the offense is as a whole.

What appears to be happening is that the elite starting pitching for the Indians is beginning to lose its moxie. This is likely due to the fact of knowing that what should be hand-in-hand run support is not going to be there. 

A Cleveland starter could throw seven innings and allow two runs to the opposition, yet on this team that could result in a loss due to no offensive production.

Put this starting pitching staff on even an average offense and the streaks would be winning seven games in a row and not losing them. 

It is such a waste of so many talented pitchers. The frustration is ample among fans and certainly must be reaching a boiling point in the locker room.

Frankly, it does not take a genius to solve this crisis.

The offense must simply do its part in order to give the pitchers the wins that they deserve. Sure, the Indians may get to the playoffs because of the new format. 

Competing for a World Series is a completely different battle that takes both pitching and hitting.

Let’s see this team finish out the year with some high-scoring performances, lifting up the collective batting average and driving in many more runs. That way the pitchers know that when its time to go out on the mound, each pitch will be well worth it.

Right now, the pitchers have no confidence in the offense.

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