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Kansas Fullback's Parents Stunned By Game-Winning Catch: 'That Was Jared, Wasn't It?'

Sports are filled with "That's my kid!" moments. Jerry and Karen Casey are just seeing theirs goes viral. 

In Kansas' epic 57-56 overtime win over Texas on Saturday, walk-on freshman fullback Jared Casey caught the game-winning pass on a do-or-die two-point conversion. His parents were sitting more than 100 yards away in the opposite end zone and didn't celebrate for more than 10 seconds because they couldn't see him.

"That was Jared, wasn't it?" Jerry Casey asked in a video posted on Twitter by Justin Casey, one of Jared's six siblings.

Once the fullback emerged from a dogpile, his parents, who had made the 11-hour drive from Plainville, Kan., to Austin to watch him play, were finally able to celebrate.

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"That's our son!" Jerry Casey shouted in the video. "You the man, baby!"

On Jared Casey's jaunt across the field toward his family, he wiped out on a chest bump with a teammate and threw up the "Down Horns" hand signal before finally saluting his family amid ironic chants of "SEC! SEC!" from Kansas fans.

Casey's game-winning catch made history, clinching the Jayhawks' first-ever win at Texas while also snapping their streak of eight straight losses. Even more remarkable is the fact that Casey was taking his first snaps of the season on offense Saturday due to injuries to multiple Kansas players.

“We rotate and rotate, and I get my reps. You don’t really know when it’s going to happen,” Casey told The Kansas City Star. “ ... I took my opportunity, and there it was.”

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