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Nikola Jokic's cheap shot on Markieff Morris has turned into a social media war between Marcus Morris and Jokic's two brothers. The Jokic brothers created a Twitter account on Tuesday morning, and sent this tweet at Marcus Morris:

The Jokic brothers were responding to a tweet from Marcus Morris last night that seemingly called out Jokic for taking a cheap shot at his brother Markieff. While Marcus tweeted out at 11:50 AM PST that his mother told him to stop sending shots on social media, he responded to this tweet from the Jokic brothers just two minutes later. In response to the viral message from the Jokic brothers, Marcus Morris tweeted this:

Despite indicating that he was done fighting on Twitter, Marcus Morris seemingly has no intentions of slowing down. Shortly after responding to the Jokic brothers, Morris also sent a shot at FS1's Shannon Sharpe who was defending Jokic on Twitter.

Marcus Morris also sent some shots at the Jokic brothers on Instagram with this comment:

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This is not the first time Nikola Jokic or the Morris twins have been involved in an on-court altercation; however, this back and forth on social media has certainly been unique. The Clippers will face off with the Denver Nuggets for the first time this season on December 26th, and all eyes will be on Nikola Jokic and Marcus Morris.

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