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Report: Sidney Crosby Tried Playing in Game 6, But Penguins Said No

The Pittsburgh Penguins GM kept their best player off the ice.

The Pittsburgh Penguins reportedly had the option to play Sidney Crosby in Game 6 when the team was up 3-2 over the New York Rangers, but according to The Athletic's Rob Rossi, they said no. 

"He had passed a concussion test and wanted to play in Game 6 but was told no by the general manager," Rossi said during an interview with 93.7 The Fan. "I'm not too sure how much juice he has with this management group."

Rossi continues to say that the decision wasn't strictly Rob Hextall, but it did come from the general manager and those in the front office. 

The Penguins would go on to lose Game 6 and 7, being eliminated for a fourth-straight year in the opening round. Crosby reportedly had headache symptoms after Game 5 but was symptom-free afterwards. 

His agent chimed in prior to Game 7 on how the team was approaching the situation, saying the Penguins were being extra cautious. 

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