Drone Flying Over Wrigley Field Delays Indians and Cubs Game

Matt Loede

It's 2020, so nothing should come as a surprise to anyone anymore, which includes a Major League Baseball game being delayed by a drone flying onto the playing field.

Once the players were quickly taken off the field, at first the Cubs television announcers wondered if the game was being delayed by lightening, and then they realized it was a drone that stopped the game.

The drone went up and down a few times, and eventually landed on the field in center field, stopping its flight.

No one approached the drone, but eventually it started up again and took off, and the two teams came back onto the field.

The Indians have a long and somewhat complicated history with drones going back to the ALCS in 2016 with then starter Trevor Bauer.

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Bauer sliced his finger on his personal drone prior to game three of the ALCS in Toronto against the Jays.

He attempted to pitch game three, but in the first inning the skin on his finger broke, and suddenly there was blood all over the place.

The Indians won the game, and after losing game four they won game five to advance to the World Series against the Cubs. 

Many Tribe fans were speculating that Bauer (joking of course) had something to do with the drone finding it's way to Wrigley on Wednesday night.

Bauer Wants to Put a "Sandlot" Game Together for Charity While We Wait for Baseball to start 

The former Indians pitcher did pitch in three games in the World Series, losing the two games he started while sporting a 5.40 ERA.

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