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LeBron James suffered an abdominal strain and was reported by Shams Charania to miss at least one week. Charania also emphasized that the Lakers wanted to be cautious with the superstar this early in the season. The Lakers are usually very vague on injuries with all their players, and this was like that with no exception. Remember during James inaugural season with the Lakers, the team kept us in the dark when he suffered a groin strain, and it kept the King out for 17 straight games, knocking them out of the postseason.

Former Lakers’ head strength and conditioning coach, Tim DiFrancesco, made an Instagram post about James’ injury, and it likely will make fans cringe.

“LeBron’s injury was reported after the Lakers played the Rockets on Tuesday, Nov 2. LeBron did have at least one one-handed power dunk in this game. It didn’t appear that he suffered the injury at an acute moment.

This type of injury can easily develop into a more severe strain of the RA or other related condition. The requirements of the RA are constant on the court. It’s normal to expect a 4-8 week recovery period of this injury if it is a minor to mild strain.”

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DiFrancesco explains that the rectus abdominis strain usually transpires when the torso overextends with a sudden burst of force. Examples like this occur during a tomahawk jam in basketball or a powerful serve in tennis.

DiFrancesco recently spoke with the Athletic’s Bill Oram about James’ abdominal strain. He reiterated his Instagram post of James prolonged timetable.

“Especially the way he plays, it’s tough for me to see him getting back under four weeks. These are such delicate injuries that can respond to rest with pain relief quickly, but they are highly susceptible to re-injury if returned too quickly.”

With the team reeling at 5-5, if the King is out for about a month, that would easily be the next 15 games. That would put a delay in acclimating Russell Westbrooks’ style of play and his own, so this is something worth monitoring for everyone.

The Western Conference is cutthroat and it does not forgive teams even with injuries. The Lakers may spend the rest of the season trying to make the top-6, just to avoid the play-in tournament.