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Manchester United Fans Protest About Glazer Ownership During Chelsea Clash

Manchester United fans have been making themselves heard on Thursday night as they protest about the current ownership of the club, run by the Glazer Family.

United fans had made fellow supporters aware of the planned protests ahead of the game on and across social media.

United fans held a similar demonstration ahead of the Norwich City game just a number of weeks ago.

United supporters have been protesting with their green and gold colours against the Glazers for a number of years with many supporter groups organising demonstrations on a number of ocassions.

Some supporters opted to remain outside Old Trafford until the 17th minute of the game with fans who were already inside demonstrating various banners.

While supporters displayed banners inside the ground the remainding fans outside the stadium took their voices to the executive entrances of Old Trafford.

United fans are prepared to continue regular protests for the foreseeable future.

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