Padres Player Rep Hedges Says Monday Conference Call Between MLB Owners and Union Mostly Positive

Matt Loede

Major League Baseball players and owners continue to try and work out details of the 67-page proposal that the was sent to the players union on Saturday.

So far it appears that most of the ideas given by the owners such as the universal DH rule are being met with a positive response, but at the end of the day we all know it’s going to come down to one thing – money.

The owners want to do a 50/50 revenue share, a different proposal than the one that was on the table back in March when sports around the country stopped, but one that owners think is necessary to move forward.

Some players have been rather outspoken about it, such as Blake Snell of the Rays, but at some point if a season is going to happen the two sides are going to have to figure out what’s best for both sides and shake on it.

There were some promising comments on Monday from the player representative for the San Diego Padres, that being Austin Hedges.

The positive feeling comes following a conference call that took place Monday featuring all the player reps (Francisco Lindor is the Tribe’s representative) as well as owners from around the league.

Hedges stated via the San Diego Union-Tribune that he felt it was a productive discussion and that the sides are having good discussions.

“It sounds like we’re finally coming up with something, at least making decisions,” he said. “Instead of, ‘What if we do this?’ it’s, ‘Let’s do this.’ ”

Saturday when the 67-page document was sent to the players union, it broke down the rules that they wanted in place to hopefully keep everyone safe, from team personnel to those non-player personnel in the stadium.

“We’ve got to make sacrifices anyways,” Hedges said. “Let’s make those sacrifices now with the future in mind. Everything we’re working for is not to make this year extra special.

“It’s let’s get through this year as best we can and cut our losses but make sure 2021 and beyond the league is going to be in great shape.”

On the table is a proposed 82-game shortened season that would kickoff in early July, played at home stadiums around the league with a postseason that would feature 14 teams instead of 10.

It sounds like everyone thus far feels good about moving forward, but the big question will be the almighty dollar, and if the sides can eventually agree on that, the season sounds like it will start without a hitch.

Hedges says instead of going on and on about losing money, both sides should understand the longer games go without being played, both sides are going to end up as losers as far as money goes.

“Instead of everybody talking about both of us losing money, owners want to talk about how much they’re losing and players want to talk about how much they’re losing. … I think everybody should have both in mind,” Hedges said.

“Anything we do, the fact we’re all losing should be kept in mind.”

We will see as things moved forward if Hedge’s attitude about just getting the deal done will be the overlying tone of the discussions, or if greed in the end will keep baseball on the sidelines.

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