2020 Indians New Year's Resolutions

Alex Hooper

The past is best left in the past, and it is that time to turn the calendar forward, looking ahead to what to do better. “Pressing the reset button” may not quite be the branding that the Cleveland Indians want to use for 2020, but that does not mean that they want to dwell on what happened recently.

Like anybody, the Cleveland Baseball Club has goals for the upcoming season. It is time to look at what they can do better, the 2020 Indians New Year’s resolutions.

Revamp your image

Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned makeover. The adage of ‘Look good, play good’ may not be an axiom, but unless you show a little self-respect, people may not take you seriously.

In 2020, the Indians will have their plainest uniforms in a long time, as far as they have indicated. The Block C is not only back, but the team will not have a secondary logo on their sleeves. As of now, their red uniforms that debuted in 2019 will be their freshest look.

Cleveland needs a new logo, if not a complete branding re-haul. Some feel they could use a new name, not just a new logo and uniform. An entire re-brand is likely out of the question, but the Indians should at least build some excitement about their current brand by developing and releasing a new secondary logo at the very least, if not a new primary logo with a more modern block C.

Trim the fat

Having what you need is good, but a perfect balance is better. Sometimes when you are eating on a tight budget, finding that balance is tough to do.

Even after cleaning out their cabinet of starting pitching, and signing César Hernández to plug their hole at second base, they still have plenty of clutter in the outfield, and not much of it is worth a whole lot.

Between Oscar Mercado, Jake Bauers, Greg Allen, Jordan Luplow, Delino DeShields, and Bradley Zimmer, there are plenty of players with major league experience available. Daniel Johnson and Ka’ai Tom are waiting in the wings at Triple-A, and Tyler Naquin could return from a torn ACL at mid-season.

Allen, DeShields, and Zimmer all have shown that they can be valuable on the basepaths and in the field, but none of the three have demonstrated enough prowess at-bat to be more than bench players at the respective stages of their careers. Bauers showed flashes of being a power hitter in the majors but has struggled since the first half of his rookie campaign in 2018.

Every player in that jumbled mess of outfielders has at least one option remaining, but DeShields is expected to make $2.4 million in his second year of arbitration in 2020, while Naquin will reach that point next winter. 2020 should at least provide some clarity into the future of the position group, and should be the last chance for the more expensive pieces, should they not separate themselves.

Take nothing for granted

Nothing in this life lasts forever, so it is important to enjoy the good times.

The clock is ticking on this era of Indians baseball, which will more than likely end by November 2021. Whether or not the Indians decide to tear things down upon the exit of Francisco Lindor, or extend their window as long as possible, they know they can at least compete for the division in 2020, and go from there. They might as well try and make the best of things now.

Lindor is worth more to the Indians over two years than any team has been able to put into a deal for the future. If they cannot build for the future in a way that secures the present, as well, they should continue to add around Lindor the best they can without making things too much tougher when he leaves.

If money is the only obstacle standing between the Indians signing Lindor long-term or letting him walk, they should be spending all available overhead on the two years might be around.

Save some money

What, is this too on the nose? It’s nice to set goals you know you will certainly achieve.

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They do need to trade him now or by the deadline, but not give him away. You abbot hold on to him for 2 years and just get a draft pick. That will never help your club. Sign On it or make a trade for a REAL outfielder with the power to hit 30 hrs and drive in 80+ rbi. A payroll of 100 million is totally unacceptable.


I agree they should trade him but I want a nice package in return. I only trade him for a nice haul if not hold out and deal him mid-season if we are not clicking. If you do keep him you better go out and sign Puig. Add some pitching. I don't know how much they are working with but signing a starter like Rich Hill and which allows us to bolster with the bullpen with Plesac.


I say since Lindor isn't signing with the Tribe in 2 years trade him now! Get the most you can for him and go from there. We have plenty of talent that can win, if not this year, very soon. Hey Tribe owners do the Dodgers have a toll free number? Call it and deal!!