Report: Lindor Won't Even Listen to Offers from Indians, Wants to Go Free Agency

Matt Loede

While we wait for the 2020 Major League Baseball season to get underway, there has not been much chatter about Cleveland Indians star shortstop Francisco Lindor and if he at some point is willing to sit down with the team about a contract extension.

That is until today.

Baseball writer and author Keith Law was a guest today on “Bull and Fox” heard from 2p-7p on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, and he shed some not so encouraging light on the situation between the Tribe and their superstar shortstop.

"What I've actually heard...they would like to pay him, but he won't even entertain contract extension offers,” Law said on the station.

“Absolutely his right to do that. They've tried to have those conversations...there just hasn't been a negotiation at all."

A lot of Indians fans have been critical of the Dolan family and the front office for their inability to get someone like Lindor to agree to stay long term, but from the sounds of it from Law, Lindor is ready to leave as soon as he’s able to.

"I personally think, knowing him and knowing who his representative is, they just want to go to free agency,” Law said.

“My understanding is, the team was willing to talk extension with him and he just said 'I'm going to free agency.'"

Many have speculated that if Lindor hits free agency he could make anywhere from $300 to $400 million on the open market if the right team is out there.

The Indians did have talks during the MLB Winter Meetings about potentially trading Lindor, but they did not feel the return was worth moving the 26-year-old.

Rumors had the Indians speaking to a number of teams, including the Dodgers and Reds about Lindor, but both teams were hesitant to give up their big name prospects in return.

This season Lindor is due to make $17.5 million if a season gets played. He will be up for a third arbitration in 2021 and then can elect to go free agency in 2022.

The Indians won’t wait that long to move the 26-year-old, and despite his popularity and being one of, if not the best player on the team the club cannot afford to not get something in return for him.

Last season Lindor hit .284 with 32 homers, 74 runs batted in and 22 steals. He’s a four-time All-Star at short and has taken home a pair of Gold Gloves in his career.

The shortstop said at one point during spring training that the two sides had been talking about an extension, but then in early March said he did not want to continue talks and broke them off prior to the suspension of spring training.

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As I've said before, get what you can for him. We all know they are not going to sign him.


My reaction is TRADE HIM NOW!!! We have some pretty good players down on the farm. Yes probably a small step backwards for a very small period of time. Let him go. Don't need his attitude about making a gazillion dollars. In our current ways of life today us Indians fans don't need or want to worry about will he stay or will he go. Just go!!! We will be just fine. The Tribe will get some pretty good players in return for him. Let's move on from Lindor and wish him the best ok?