The Cleveland Indians have a first baseman that comes into camp a bit on the lighter side this year. Yes, Bobby Bradley has lost 35 pounds from last season. 

The right hander had been listed at 225 and now should be around the 190 mark.

In 2019, Bradley played 15 games for the Tribe, had one home run, four runs batted in and a .178 batting average. 

Those numbers could certainly be improved upon this upcoming season and a weight loss will definitely help Bradley begin to thrive at the plate against big league pitching.

Bradley will be able to quicken that swing of his from dropping such a dramatic amount of weight. This, in turn, will allow for much more contact with the ball leading to more and more hits.

The 24-year-old has the potential to be a fantastic power hitter for the Indians and can be a force in the middle of the lineup here in 2021 and beyond.

Frankly, being strong means nothing if the ball cannot be put in play.

That is Bradley’s biggest issue…

At 6’1 and only 24, Bradley has plenty of time to improve upon his play and become a star at the highest level. This weight loss is a great step in the right direction to build upon the improvements made this offseason to his game.

Look for a new-and-improved Bradley in a Cleveland Indians uniform this year and his numbers will certainly reflect the changes made to his weight!