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NFL Draft Profile: Jack Campbell, Linebacker, Iowa Hawkeyes

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Iowa LB Jack Campbell

Iowa LB Jack Campbell
Iowa hawkeyes logo

Pos: LB
Ht: 6035
Wt: 243
40: 5.12
DOB: 8/22/2000
Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA
High School: Cedar Falls
Eligibility: 2023

Jack Campbell
Iowa Hawkeyes


An all-world tackler, Campbell uses length, range, and instincts to impact the game. 


Extended frame with stretched-out limbs. Turns this into an advantage, scoping out the offense and attacking accordingly. Expert tackler who employs precision striking and consistent fundamentals. Capable of dropping his weight and launching to win the leverage game vs ball carriers. Hand usage and arm length permit him to navigate in traffic, remaining clean on his path to the running back. Sufficient lateral agility to side-step linemen and fill into his assigned gap. Beats the opposing guard or tackle to his spot repeatedly, using acceleration and a dip technique to stay untouched. Knows his angles, leading to minimal excess in terms of yardage. Not afraid to get dirty as needed, plunging into blockers on wide zone plays to let defenders behind him fill. Useful Blitzer that uses downhill explosion to disrupt the quarterback's timing or pop in his pads to displace linemen. Impressive fluidity for his size, showing loose hips that empower him to drop into coverage. Range and instincts are most apparent here, where he surveys passing lanes and covers multiple reads at a time. Will cover backs and tight ends in man coverage, welcoming the responsibility. Very cerebral player that will align his defensive front and linebackers. Shows understanding of formations and tendencies, repeatedly sliding his d-line to correctly counter the offense. Slighter frame with lack of lower body mass. Initial punch can knock him off his spot, has to beat the linemen on timing. Can be caught flat-footed in coverage. Eagerness can cause him to overshoot, leaving backside gains. On the ground too often considering his athleticism. More of a technical issue rather than athletic ability, where he attempts to gain leverage and opens himself up to be finished because of his height. Campbell is a terrific tackler that is reminiscent of prominent inside linebackers of the modern NFL. His length and instincts create an environment no offense coordinator wants to prepare against. Another season of evidence can point to a favorable draft position. 


Late 2nd Round

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“Jack Campbell was the nation’s leader in tackles last year with 143 and received first-team All-Big Ten honors. He was named Iowa’s Roy J. Carver Most Valuable Player defensively last year for the Hawkeyes and was one of five team captains.”

Jacob Keppen, Hawkeyeswire.USAToday


Jack Campbell is a Linebacker from Cedar Falls Iowa who has helped his team tremedosuly during his time.He was the Roy Carver MVP in 2021 was named a permanent Team Captain. Not only did he excel on the defensive side of the ball, but was a key contributor on special teams. He is currently majoring in Enterprise Leadership at Iowa and is son to Amy and Jeremy Eastman.