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NFL Draft Profile: Leonard Johnson, Cornerback, Duke Blue Devils

NFL draft profile scouting report for Duke cornerback, Leonard Johnson

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Pos: CB
Ht: 6005v
Wt: 191v
Hand: 0738v
Arm: 3178v
Wing: 7618v
DOB: 7/3/98
Eligible: 2022
Hayden, AL
Hayden High School

Leonard Johnson
Duke Blue Devils


Leinweber: Outside cornerback who is primarily deployed in press. Johnson is pesky at the line of scrimmage with active hands and the ability to counterpunch. Throwing off route timing allows him to sit on underneath routes. Possessing lower body flexion he has good change of direction ability. Johnson plays through the catch point very well, often knocking the ball out late. He shows a willingness to come downhill in run support.


Leinweber: Average speed that he does not trust causes Johnson to get grabby downfield. He is often late flipping his hips, staying square for too long and letting receivers run on his toes or blow-by. A lack of play strength allows receivers to push him off consistently. In man coverage he panics when the ball is in the air, arriving too early and getting flagged. He is a poor tackler who just throws his shoulder around. Getting blocked by receivers happens too frequently. Johnson looks back for the ball after the first break causing him to get surprised by double moves. He can be slow to line up against the no-huddle offense.


Leinweber: Long-limbed, high-hipped corner with average speed. Johnson is pesky in press coverage with active hands and does not give up at the catch point, making late breakups. He is often late to turn and panics when the ball is in the air in man coverage. Johnson projects as a camp body at cornerback who could have enough intriguing moments to stick on a practice squad. His inconsistency in coverage, poor physicality and inability to tackle will make it tough to make an active roster. 

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Leinweber: Long-limbed, high-hipped corner with average speed. Johnson is pesky yet inconsistent in coverage.


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 5.4 / 5.7