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With Arch Manning in town over the weekend, the Clemson coaching staff had the perfect opportunity to showcase everything Clemson has to offer a young quarterback prospect.

Manning is considered by most to be the top overall player in the 2023 recruiting class and is a priority target for the Tigers in the next recruiting cycle. His weekend visit was his second in the past few months, as the quarterback worked out at one of Dabo Swinney's high school camps back in June. He picked up an offer on the same day and is still the only 2023 quarterback to pick up an offer.

All Clemson had a chance to catch up with Nelson Stewart, Manning's high school coach at Isidore Newman, who said this visit went every bit as well as the first.

"Spoke with his mom, she said they had a great visit," Stewart said. "They loved it. Arch said the atmosphere was awesome and keeps saying the same thing. Just how nice everyone in the community is. From the fans to the coaches and players, just unbelievably welcoming, kind. He loved it."

Unlike his last visit, this time Manning got to experience a game-day atmosphere in Death Valley. The Tigers knocked off Florida State 30-20 in thrilling fashion, moving their home winning streak to 32 games. It's an experience that has been vital to the recruiting process at Clemson under head coach Dabo Swinney.

"He loved the atmosphere," Stewart said. "That was obviously a great win and he got to see coach Swinney and coach Streeter before and after the game. You know right now, obviously, we're making the playoffs and he's really dialed in for that, but I think it was important that he at least got to see the atmosphere during the game. He had a great time and they continue to obviously make a great impression."

With Clemson experiencing major struggles on the offensive side of the ball this season, many have wondered if that would hurt the Tigers' chances of landing the highly-touted quarterback. However, Stewart said Manning is the kind of player that would never put his needs above those of the program and is just looking for a school that can maximize his potential.

"He does things the right way every day in practice," Stewart said. "I think he's easy to coach. He wants to get better, he doesn't think he has all the answers. I think that for him, wherever he goes, it's all about who's going to push him to be the best he can be but also still be a kid. He wants to have a college experience, a great atmosphere, great culture."



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Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Ole Miss are all schools that Manning has already taken visits to this season. The Clemson visit will be his last visit to a game this season, and at the moment there is no list of favorites. At this point, the quarterback is just trying to enjoy the process and has had a great experience at each one of his stops.

"He's never had a bad visit, he had a great time," Stewart said. "He thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a kid that loves college football. He loves to get the chance to go to stadiums and see the atmosphere and seeing crowds. I know he had a great time."

Stewart called Manning the consummate teammate, noting that, unlike many kids in this era, the high-profile recruit isn't the kind of kid that likes to draw attention to himself.

"He's a rarity in that, he just embodies humility," Stewart said. "He's very authentic to who he is as a person. Incredibly humble, hardworking. He's the consummate teammate. You hear that, but with him, it's so true. He doesn't like the limelight, doesn't like to draw attention to himself. He's just somebody that he loves football. He loves his friends. And I think that's great."

As for when the young quarterback might make a decision, Stewart said it could be as early as next spring. Ideally, Manning would like to take another round of visits before making that decision to get a better look at the facilities and the campus life at each school.

"I think ideally you'd like to maybe get it done by the spring but he's not holding himself to any sort of timetable," Stewart said. "I think he's not going to rush anything. I think for him, it's all about the process of really being thorough and really all about the right fit. Like he always says, when you know, you'll know." 

Stewart said a commitment is something that Manning takes very seriously, and that he will not be rushed into a decision.

"I think he's just really being mature about it. He's not gonna rush and he's gonna be sure he makes the right choice for himself. He takes his role seriously. And commitment is something that he's just had. It's a commitment to attend the university and it's not something that he takes lightly."

Whatever school eventually lands Manning will get a quarterback with a rare, unique skill set. He's very athletic, can make all the throws, and has deceptive speed. And Stewart is just happy he has the privilege of coaching the young player one more year before he heads off to college, no matter where that may be.

"His skill set is obviously really, really unique," Stewart said. "He's a kid that's 6-foot-4, 220 pounds, yet is probably our fastest kid. He has great strength, he can make those off-balance throws, off-time throws, he's accurate, and he just needs to keep growing. And I think if he stays humble and keeps his head down and keeps working, you know the sky's the limit for what he can accomplish. I'm just glad I got another year with him."