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What Scott Satterfield, Louisville Players Said After 62-22 Win at Duke

Read what the head coach of the Cardinals, quarterback Malik Cunningham, tight end Marshon Ford and safety Qwynnterrio Cole said after their win over the Blue Devils:

DURHAM, N.C. - Behind a career performance from Malik Cunningham, Louisville wrapped up ACC play in style, delivering a beatdown of Duke in Durham, N.C.

Here's what head coach Scott Satterfield, quarterback Malik Cunningham, tight end Marshon Ford and safety Qwynnterrio Cole had to say following the win:

Head Coach Scott Satterfield

First of all, just really proud of our guys. In a short week, to be able to come out here and perform like they did - we talked about taking the momentum that we had from the Syracuse game, and and let's carry it forward. They were able to do that. This week, obviously a short week, not much prep time. What you end up doing is scaling and the game plan back, but the guys went out and executed. Really nice game plan. Particularly offensively, what Malik (Cunningham) was able to do tonight was incredible. He's had an outstanding year. What he's been able to do for our offense - particularly early in the season. He pretty much was our offense. Then we were established a running game with the running backs midway through the season. What Duke did defensively, what they haven't shown this year, is bring a lot of pressure. Tonight, they thought, "let's bring pressure against Louisville's offensive". Then when Malik broke the line of scrimmage, there wasn't anybody there. That's why he had a lot of big runs. He's gonna make defenses pay whenever they do that, and he did that tonight. But then also, I'm proud of some of the throws that he made tonight to the receivers, with the run out to the catch. We spread the ball out. I think offensively, I don't know if I've been a part of an offensive performance like this, particularly not an individual performance like Malik did. Rushing for over 200 yards, throwing for over 300, seven touchdowns. Incredible performance. Unbelievable performance tonight. But it starts up front. Our offensive line, to me, and I don't know how much credit they've been getting this year, but they've been great. I think they gave up one sack tonight, but Duke was blitzing the whole first half. What he was able to do, offensively, scoring touchdowns, was tremendous. We were not perfect tonight, did not playing well on special teams tonight. We gave up some yards on defense, but we held them to field goals, which is huge. Just proud of our guys. We got bowl eligibility tonight, so now we got three more weeks with our seniors. We talked about that last night, which was huge. Just love where our team's at right now. As I stated after the Clemson game, very optimistic about this team, and they really showed out last two weeks. Two days off the next two days, and then get ready for Kentucky on Sunday.

(On if Malik was sick, and if there was something going around the team)

Yeah, we had six guys that had the flu after testing those guys. We've been seeing that a little bit throughout the country, I think Florida State had that a few games back. What (head trainer) Matt Summers was able to do this week, tremendous job by them, because we had a lot of guys sick. Some guys had the flu, but then we had other guys that were sick. Obviously worried about, coming into this game, who's going to be available, but most of our guys were available tonight. We played all those guys, and they were healthy enough to get out there and play, and Malik was one of those guys under the weather. But he had a calm about it, had great poise tonight, he let the offense come to him. When it's time to shine, he did. Very efficient in the passing game, tremendous on third down and fourth down, which extended drives. Really, it's one of the best performances by single player in a long time, maybe 20 years. A long time. He'll give credit to the offensive line and the guys around him, because it was a team effort. It's not just him. The blocking that we had downfield by our receivers was tremendous. I know receivers wanna catch balls and score touchdowns, but to help your team win, to help your offense, you got to be able to block down the field, and our guys did a great job. Justin Marshall, Tyler Harrell, Jordan Watkins, Marshon (Ford). Excellent job blocking.

(On if there was temptation to let Cunningham break Lamar Jackson's single-game rushing record, as he came two yards short)

Yeah, no question. He could have got it tonight. But these other guys deserve to play as well. I think it was seven minutes to go, we put Brock (Domann) in, and we put the second O-line in, and we put some reserve running backs in, and they did a tremendous job. Those guys practice just as hard as Malik does. They had a great drive, and a great touchdown by Aidan (Robbins), which was awesome. Jaws [Jawhar Jordan] had some great runs in there, Kobe Baynes at right tackle was in there for that touchdown - he's a guy who hadn't played much at all. I love seeing these guys that go out there and play and perform, that have not played, because they work just as hard as everybody else.

(On Cunningham's two long runs despite being sick)

He's tremendously talented, and very blessed with that talent. Tonight, he let it come to him, he wasn't panicked in any way, he's seeing what the defense is giving us. They gave us a lot of different looks in the secondary tonight, and particularly the first half. It was crazy looks. I'm asking the guys, "What coverage are they playing?" and they're like, "Coach they're doing everything." It was at least six or seven different coverages, a lot of different pressures, we didn't have many pressures as we came in this game on cut-ups. Again, the line protected well, Malik played well, and has was a total team effort,

(On how he is feeling after the win)

I'm just so proud of our guys, and what they've been able to accomplish. We've been so close to some of these games, some teams throughout the country maybe would have folded when things have gone so close, but you didn't come through. But these guys have continued to rally each and every week, and they come back and make these plays. The last two weeks, we've played really good. We just got to continue to ride this momentum into next week, can't wait to get to Sunday and start practicing on Kentucky.

(On how he was able to keep the team motivated after the rough Clemson loss)

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It was a tough week. It was a tough week for me, it was a tough week for our players, because we had so many close games. Then you got Clemson on the ropes. You got them on the ropes, on the two yard line, and don't score. That's a big time let down. They're very resilient. This is my third season here, and I think what we've created in that locker room, the bond that we've created - they don't want to let each other down. When you have that kind of bond, they're gonna come back every time, because they're not thinking about themselves. They're thinking about their teammates, and that's huge. When you get that locker room, you're hard to beat, and you're gonna keep coming back. That's why after the Clemson loss, I was very optimistic about our team, because I knew what they were going to do. I still I am, and I love our guys. I love how they compete. I think we got a bright future with our program, with what these guys have been able to prove throughout this season.

(On clinching bowl eligibility in his home state)

It's pretty cool. For me, personally, that's not our team, that's just me. I hadn't even talked to our team about me growing up here. I grew up playing rec league five minutes from here. It's pretty special. My first game ever playing or coaching in this stadium, and to have this kind of offensive performance is pretty cool. But the more importantly for me, it's all about these guys in that locker room, and then being bowl eligible, and to see the joy in their faces when they make plays. That's what's awesome.

(On if the locker room needed to validation from two back-to-back blowout wins)

Yeah. Again, the Syracuse game was huge for us. We needed a win like that, and now going to do it back-to-back, that's scary for some opponents out there, just because of our guys getting confidence. They feel like they go out there and make those plays. Again, we didn't play perfect tonight, but we still score 62 and won the game by a wide margin. We still got a lot of work to do, we still can get better, and we're gonna have to when we get out there on Sunday.

(On now heading into Kentucky week)

I've only played them one time, and the first year I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know what kind of rivalry that was, really. I do now, having been here almost three years. I'm really looking forward to this game. Obviously, we want to compete for ACC championships, we want to be in the hunt in that regard, but this game is huge for us. Our guys can't wait to get back out there on Sunday to start preparing for this team, and you know like Kentucky's had a great year. They have seven win, then it's probably going to be eight against New Mexico State. They've had a really good year, we get to play them in our place, hopefully we'll have a packed house and everybody comes out. I know we're in the state of Kentucky, but hopefully it's gonna be the state of Louisville on Saturday when we go out there and play, whatever time we play. We're looking forward to this game, I can say that. We got a lot of momentum heading into this next week. We got to get healthy, and I say healthy, I'm saying sickness that's been going around. Hopefully that will die down by the time we get to Sunday, so we're excited about that.

Quarterback Malik Cunningham

Tight End Marshon Ford

Safety Qwynnterrio Cole

(Photo of Scott Satterfield, Malik Cunningham: Jaylynn Nash - USA TODAY Sports)

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