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NFL Draft Profile: Jahmyr Gibbs, Running Back, Alabama Crimson Tide

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs

Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs
alabama crimson tide logo

Pos: RB
Ht: 5095
Wt: 200
40: 4.53
DOB: 3/20/2002
Hometown: Dalton, GA
High School: Dalton
Eligibility: 2023

Jahmyr Gibbs
Alabama Crimson Tide


One of the most uniform prospects in collegiate football, Gibbs’ liabilities on the field are minimal thanks to a skillset rich with ability in all schemes.


Fluid body with ample mass for the position. Occupies athleticism scarcely seen. Plus ability in quickness, balance, acceleration, agility, and speed. Seldom if ever taken down by the first defender. Plays chess with tacklers, leaving them guessing his skill move. Impossible to take down in the open field thanks to his athletic prowess and functional strength. Flexibility analogous to Gumby, with buttery ankles and hips. Competitive demeanor not to be questioned, fighting for yards in a scrap. More than a shifty guy, with deceptive power and a ruthless stiff arm. Elite lower body strength when taken pound for pound. Contact balance and feet are not to be trifled with. Not just a wide zone runner with between-the-tackles capability. Adept in both gap and zone schemes. Comfortable vision, hitting cutbacks with enthusiasm by way of exceptional acceleration. Can and will hit a second gear in the open field. Sophisticated in the passing game, running a plethora of routes. Soft hands with a smooth stride out of the catch point. Primary concerns are pass protection and usage. Limited reps in pass pro at Georgia Tech, with obvious flaws when tasked. Was the focal point of the offense his freshman and sophomore year, handling the ball second-most to only the quarterback. Gibbs is one of the more well-rounded players in college, with acumen and skillset affluent in terms of capability. If he can prove his durability and clean up his pass pro. 


1st Round

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“RB Jahmyr Gibbs (5-11, 200, JR) Georgia Tech transfer. Well-proportioned and versatile runner that can align from multiple pre-snap alignments. Gear shift runner that can hit the gas and accelerate and/or slam on brakes in an instant. Added extension in the passing game.”

Jordan Reid, ESPN. (Twitter)

“A true three-down back whose burst is often the first topic of conversation when discussing his game, Gibbs is a ground-and-pound style of ball carrier who can run through, around, and over defenders.”

Ryan Fowler, The Draft Network.


Jahmyr Gibbs, a transfer from Georgia Tech, will look to be a major part of the Crimson Tide offense in 2022. Gibbs is a versatile player and last season for Georgia Tech, was on the All ACC Team at three different positions, and in this day in age, versatility is key. He was a four star prospect coming out of Dalton High School in Dalton Georgia and the tenth ranked player in the entire state of Georgia. Gibbs has both the skill and versatility to play anywhere on the field, and on Nick Saban’s teams, players make an impact everywhere on the field.