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NFL Draft Profile: Tanner McKee, Quarterback, Stanford Cardinals

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Stanford QB Tanner McKee

NFL Draft profile scouting report for Stanford QB Tanner McKee

Pos: QB
Ht: 6052
Wt: 228
DOB: 4/27/2000
Hometown: Corona, CA
High School: Centennial
Eligibility: 2023

Tanner McKee
Stanford Cardinals


If McKee had the ability to run, he’d be a complete quarterback prospect, as he is accurate, sees the field well and has a really impressive arm.


On film, McKee displays many of the skills necessary to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. His arm strength stood out. He can effortlessly throw the ball downfield without it fluttering or losing velocity. He is able to lead receivers and hit them in stride, even when he is under pressure. McKee’s velocity is some of the best in the class, as he can drive the ball in between defenders and thread the needle. His accuracy was also excellent. McKee does a great job of placing the ball where it needs to be at all levels of the field. He can throw his receiver open and find ways to put the ball where only his target can get it. This is an advanced skill that many quarterbacks struggle with at the collegiate level. McKee understood his receivers capabilities, so he knew when to throw a back shoulder pass, hit his receiver in stride or place the ball up high. When McKee’s target had separation, he consistently made an accurate throw. There weren’t many wild or off-target passes. McKee makes the easy things easy. In terms of his decision-making, McKee would go through his progressions and not force throws. There weren’t boneheaded decisions on his film and McKee took what the defense gave him. McKee’s lower body mechanic’s were NFL ready and his release is unorthodox but it works. His motion needs to be tightened, as he extends the ball back too far. That is a concern that needs to be fixed before McKee reaches the next level. McKee lacks physicality to his game and he gets flustered under pressure. As a runner, McKee is good on quarterback sneaks but he can’t really move that well. Teams won’t have to worry about him as a rushing threat at the next level. He is a really bad athlete, which prevents him from avoiding pressure within the pocket and on the run. McKee is strictly a pocket passer and will struggle to create outside of the pocket. Overall McKee has the tools to be a starting caliber quarterback at the next level. He has size, decision-making and accuracy to all levels of the field. With another year of experience as a starter, he’ll be thought of as one of the best quarterbacks in the 2023 class. The only thing holding him back from being a clear-cut first round pick are his athleticism and running ability. Those two qualities are starting to get valued more and more and they are McKee’s two biggest weaknesses.


2nd Round

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