Deshaun Speculation? 'Go Buy Bitcoin,' Snaps Texans GM

GM Nick Caserio, at his pre-NFL Draft presser, on Deshaun-related QB plans: “If you want to speculate, you should probably go buy Bitcoin.”
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Maybe GM Nick Caserio is flexing his at-the-podium muscle with a powerful answer. Or maybe he's demonstrating a clever sense of humor. Or maybe, like most of the rest of the people who care about the Houston Texans, the new boss is quite exhausted by every single angle of the Deshaun Watson turmoil and is therefore in the mood to snap an answer on that particular subject.

“If you want to speculate,'' Caserio said at his Friday pre-NFL Draft press conference with the Houston media, "you should probably go buy Bitcoin.”

That's powerful. Clever. And snappy. And while we know very little a about cryptocurrency, we do understand why Caserio also added that the Texans organization is "respectful'' of the process regarding the beleaguered Watson.

That "respect'' is about the flood of suits having been filed against the star player charging him with sexual assault. There is a legal process, a police investigation and an NFL investigation that could result in Watson being removed from the field.

That "respect'' is not presently about Watson's trade desires, a concept that was in play a month ago but is not removed from play due to his in-limbo status.

There is speculation that it makes no sense for the Texans to keep the embattled quarterback; Caserio is correct to shut that down, as we do not yet know that.

There is speculation that is makes no sense for any team to trade for him. Again, we know teams like the Philadelphia Eagles continue to monitor the situation, so that speculation is off-base as well. And Caserio is again correct.

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There is speculation not only about a suspension but even about an arrest, and yet again, the Texans GM is wise to avoid committing to anything there beyond acknowledging that vet QB Tyrod Taylor is in the fold ... and beyond acknowledging the possibility that more changes in the QB room are to come.

We don't know about "buying Bitcoin.'' But we are buying what Caserio is selling here, which is avoidance of a verbal misstep that could worsen the situation. So some power, some humor and some "snap'' all seem appropriate.

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