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Christian Pulisic Faces Backlash After Latest Video During Summer Holiday

What side are you on?

Christian Pulisic has faced criticism after posting a video of him doing keepy-ups above a goliath grouper in the water whilst on holiday.

He is currently on his holidays having finished his duties for club and country, and will return to Cobham for Chelsea pre-season training later this month.

On his break, Pulisic was on a boat trip practising his football skills before slipping and falling into the water. And it has caused controversy.

The 22-year-old posted the video on Instagram, showing off his football skills with the fish below him.

"Life flashed in front of my eyes. What a day on the water...," wrote Pulisic.

The goliath grouper was held by one of the party on the boat as he enjoyed himself with the football, but after the American fell into the water, the fish appeared to be in distress.

Chelsea stars including Marcos Alonso and Thiago Silva saw the funny side of it with their reaction in the comments section, as did Pulisic, but it has come under criticism from Blue Planet Society, a ‘volunteer pressure group campaigning to end the overexploitation of the world’s ocean'. 

What was said?

"Abusing a threatened goliath grouper for a social media video is a new low," they wrote on Twitter in response to the video.

They added: "Well-known professional footballer abuses a threatened goliath grouper for fun.

"Animal abuse," they continued. "Protected and endangered goliath grouper — imagine if this was a lion or tiger and you'll get the idea."

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