Washington Will Start QB Alex Smith at Lions, Haskins No. 2

The Washington Football suffered a bad loss to the New York Giants and now have to come up with a different starting QB next Sunday for the Lions.

LANDOVER, Md. - The Washington Football Team lost again to the New York Giants in NFL Week 9 on Sunday, and to add injury to insult, now have to come up with a different starting quarterback for their game next Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

Kyle Allen was injured for the second time in four games as the starter for coach Ron Rivera, and this one will likely cost him a few games if not the rest of the season. 

Allen has a dislocated ankle, according to what Rivera was told, but that is not an official diagnosis at this point. 

After this 23-20 loss to New York, their second loss in three games to the now (2-7) Giants, Rivera announced that Alex Smith would be the starting quarterback next week in Detroit, and that Dwayne Haskins will be the backup. 

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It's the right decision. Despite Smith's three interceptions on Sunday, Smith has earned this spot ... while Haskins' mishandled his early-season opportunity and must rebuild the faith in him.

Having said that: Smith cannot make the bad decisions and throws that he made on Sunday. That much is obvious. 

Before halftime, Smith threw an interception in the red zone on which J.D. McKissic lost his footing on a pass intended for him. It appeared to be just bad luck ... but the ball was still in Smith's hands as McKissic was going down. 

Smith's second pick was as the Washington Football Team was on the verge of tying up the game or perhaps taking the lead. ... A third-and-10 debacle from the start and an awful throw while falling away under pressure. No good. 

The pass was picked off by Jabrill Peppers, who was responsible for Smith being in the game in the the first place after a leg-whip sack/hit on Kyle Allen, that knocked the WFT starter out. 

Said Peppers, explaining that the hit was not intentional: “I just pray for him. I apologized to him. I definitely didn't mean for that to happen.”

The third interception by Smith put the icing on the cake of a Giants win and was hauled in by Logan Ryan. It was a bad throw ... and a bad everything. 

In between, Smith was throwing darts all over the field. Terry McLaurin hauled in a 68-yard pass-and-run for a key score on a bullet by Smith. 

Smith also threw a few lasers to Cam Sims and a host of others. 

On a third-and-2 situation, Smith scrambled away from pressure and threw cross-body to McKissic for a key catch and drive extender. That was the play that might stand out the most because of what was required from Smith. 

In trying to lead the 2-6 WFT at 3-5 Detroit, Smith will be able to benefit from a full week of first-team snaps and a soft Detroit defense. But if he's going to hold onto the starting job, he has to eliminate the mistakes.