Man City Hit With Premier League Fine For Super League Attempt - Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal Face £22M Collectively

The Premier League have come to a conclusion over their fines to the 'Big Six' over their attempted breakaway to a European Super League earlier this year.

All of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham made attempts to join other major European clubs in forming a new closed shop format division funded by JP Morgan several weeks ago.

The plan was met with huge outrage throughout the football community, from fans to managers of clubs and ultimately, the decision was reverse by several of the clubs - with Manchester City and Chelsea being the first to formally exit the agreement.

Weeks later, and talk of the Super League has not fully faded, but the Premier League now appear to have concluded their fines to the 'Big Six' for their attempts to league the English top-flight for their own division.

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According to the information of Mike Keegan of the Mail, the Premier League have now fined the 'big six' around £22 million collectively - which if split equally, would work out at around £3.6M; double the fine handed out by UEFA.

Keegan and the Mail report that the money paid for through the fines to the Premier League's 'big six' clubs will go to grassroots football and the wider football community - as opposed to the 14 other clubs within the Premier League.

Crucially, clubs have been hit with ramifications should they decide to attempt a further breakaway, with Mike Keegan reporting that additional attempts will be met with a £25 million fine and a staggering 30-point deduction.

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Mark Kleinman at Sky continues in his exclusive report that the size of the 'fines' will be comparable to those agreed with UEFA several weeks ago. However, Unlike the UEFA fines, the Premier League penalties will be a straight cash sum rather than a percentage of next season's broadcast income.

Any further breakaways from the Premier League's big six would now surely be regarded as next to impossible, with the 30-point deduction putting Arsenal and Tottenham on the verge of relegation had the fines occurred in the 2019/2020 and/or the 2020/2021 season.

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