Stellar, Standard & Subpar: WR Ethon Williams

A.J. Black

The players have returned to campus and we inch closer to the start of the college football season. BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out their season. In these breakdowns, we discuss what a stellar, standard, and subpar season would look like for them. We are going in numerical order, today we preview wide receiver Ethon Williams.

Williams, came to Boston College from Annapolis, Maryland in 2019 as a three star receiver who's only other major offer was West Virginia. Once on campus he immediately started to get people's attention. During last year's summer practices one staff member told me "Keep an eye on Ethon Williams". Williams had a role last season, albeit a small one, catching three balls for 56 yards. 

Now with a new passing offense, and a quarterback who will get him the ball more consistently, Williams looks to battle to get on the field. Kobay White, Zay Flowers and Jaelen Gill  most likely will be the top three wide outs on the team, but don't count out Williams. He's a strong receiver with good size, and the ability to go up and grab passes. 


Williams finds his role on the team, and becomes a solid receiver under Frank Cignetti Jr.  He hits double digits (close to 20) in catches, and also grabs his first couple of NCAA touchdowns. Does a nice job with his time on the field and sets himself up to climb the depth chart in 2021. 


Williams has a nice season, with around 10-12 catches, and has his first NFL touchdown. While the offense is more focused on White and Flowers, you see glimpses of what Williams could do. 


Williams plays, but isn't much of a factor. Players like CJ Lewis and Taji Johnson show up more on the stat sheet. 

What kind of season do you expect from Ethon Williams?

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Reports from practice have been good with him from what I can tell, I imagine with experience over Taji and not just dropping the ball, he’s probably first in line after the Kobay-Jalen-Zay trio.