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Shanahan and Aiyuk "Had Some Words" for Each Other During the 49ers Bye Week

What a revelation.

SANTA CLARA -- Brandon Aiyuk finally had his first good game of the season this past Sunday.

It took him seven games to fulfill the promise he showed last season as a rookie. What clicked for him?

Aiyuk addressed that question on Thursday, and at first his answer was what you'd expect: "After the Bye week," he said, "talking to the coaches and assessing where we were at, I took it as after the Bye week was the start of the season. That was Week 1. I've been taking that approach every week like it's the first week of season, the first week of practice. Just reassert yourself every week and just show what you want to do on Sunday."

"Did any players or coaches help you hit the reset button?" a reporter asked.

"Me and Kyle had some words," Aiyuk responded.

"Shanahan?" The reporter asked.

"Yeah," Aiyuk said.

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"What were those words? Can you say in general terms?

"Some words. Some words."

Holy macaroni. Players generally don't reveal that kind of stuff. So I followed up.

"Is it hard not to take it personally when he coaches you hard?"

"Oh no," Aiyuk answered, "Not at all. People joke around all the time and say I have trust issues. So it's just getting over that and knowing everyone in this building wants the best for you. They're trying to help you out whenever they're talking to you. Everytime someone has given me some good information and I've used it, we've gotten from it what we've wanted. It's just trusting them and what they're saying."

What a revelation. Aiyuk admitted he has deep-seated trust issues and needed to hash things out with Shanahan to fix their relationship.

Good for Aiyuk and Shanahan.