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David Culley Explains QB Struggles: 'Not Really Sure'

Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor continues to struggle to protect the ball, and coach David Culley is not sure why.

Protecting the football has never been an issue for Houston Texans' quarterback Tyrod Taylor - until now.

In 10 seasons, Taylor hasn't thrown more than six interceptions in a single season. He now has five in his last four games since returning from a hamstring injury.

So why has this suddenly become an issue? Coach David Culley doesn't know.

"I'm not really sure," Culley said. "Obviously, before the injury, he was doing very well in that area. Since the injury he's come back, I don't know if he's been pressing a little bit, or what has happened. That's not his M.O. that's never been that way through his whole career. It's something that we've looked at and [we're] trying to figure out exactly what we've got to do for him to make better decisions."

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Culley's uncertainty could be seen as concerning, as surely the two will have discussed this at length in recent weeks when evaluating the tape. 

But while he isn't sure, Culley does have a theory.

"I think what he's trying to do too much, because we haven't been as successful an offense as we'd like to be," Culley said. "Sometimes you try to make a play when you really don't need to make a play."

Given that the Texans currently rank last in the NFL in passing yards, rushing yards and total touchdowns, it seems safe to say that Taylor trying to make up for their lack of offensive success is a solid theory.

Regardless of why Taylor has been having these issues, it seems likely he'll have plenty of time to think them over. Taylor picked up an injury and was subsequently benched last week. Rookie Davis Mills now looks likely to start against the Seattle Seahawks this week.