Texans Coach Names 'The Best Rookie In Camp'

Houston Texans Coach Bill O'Brien Has Pinpointed 'The Best Rookie In Training Camp'
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Each Houston Texans position coach may have his own favorite, and when it comes to NFL rookies, we're all going to need more than a couple of weeks to judge. But the Texans voice that matters most has spoken.

And the Texans rookie who so far has mattered most is cornerback John Reid.

"He’s had a really good camp,'' Houston coach/GM Bill O'Brien said on Tuesday after the Texans workout. "He might’ve had the best camp of any rookie.''

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This is a continuation of the praise that's been heaped on the fourth-rounder Reid since the start of camp, praise that's included phrases like "plays like a five-year veteran.''

There is - or was - other competition for the honor of "best rookie.'' Houston also likes the so-far work of second-round defensive tackle Ross Blacklock of TCU and third-round linebacker Jonathan Greenard of Florida and the rest.

Additionally, there is plenty of competition for snaps at corner.

But Reid, the 5-10, 187-pounder from Penn State (which just happens to be O'Brien's alma mater) was a playmaker in college. And he's been the same here so far.

"We have a bunch of guys who have been in the fires, who have had success in this league and now as they're coming together as a unit, communicating day in and day out," first-year coordinator Anthony Weaver said. "It's been awesome to see that growth they're making each and every day."

Reid cannot claim to have been tested "in the NFL fires.'' But he can claim to be part of the Texans' "growth.'' And therefore, he can be "the best rookie in camp,'' according to the opinion that matters the most.