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How Much Do Deshaun Watson & Texans Owner Cal McNair 'Hate Each Other'?

Houston Texans owner Cal McNair and Deshaun Watson's relationship couldn't be much worse ...

As talk of a trade to the Miami Dolphins quite possibly switches from an 'if' to a 'when,' SI's Albert Breer joined the Toucher & Rich Podcast to discuss the Deshaun Watson situation and the speed bumps preventing Miami from making a decisive move.

And along the way, Breer put into sharp words what people in Houston already view as an open secret.

"The owner and Watson freaking hate each other," Breer said. "The owner hates Deshaun." 

The extent of the damage done to the relationship between Texans owner Cal McNair and the Pro Bowl QB Watson is clear. But there are other complications. According to Breer, one pivotal issue has been, and continues to be, the NFL's reticence to come to a final decision on whether or not to either suspend Watson or place him on the Commissioners Exempt list. 

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He stated that the Texans continuing to pay him and keep him on the roster, but deciding not to attempt to play him, has taken the pressure off of the NFL to come to any decisions. However, with a trade now potentially looming, the pressure is back on to come to a decision that could make or break any trades.

Breer was asked whether or not Houston's owner McNair could in theory help push the deal along by stating that Watson will play for the Texans this week, therefore forcing the league's hand.

And that's when the word "hate'' was used.

It's common knowledge for some time that Watson and McNair have had their disagreements, much of that stemming after Watson was supposedly left out of conversations regarding who should replace head coach Bill O'Brien last offseason. And we can add that Watson's alleged behavior leading to the sexual-harassment charges against him have greatly added to McNair's distaste for the player.

Both parties want a trade. Thankfully for Texans fans, for Watson, and for McNair, the coming Nov. 2 trade deadline offers a chance at light at the end of this hateful tunnel.