Houston Texans Draft Ripped By NFL Exec: ‘What The Hell Are They Doing?’

Is the “anonymous NFL exec” automatically more knowledgeable than Nick Caserio? Our opinion would be “no.” But …
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Opinions are like … noses.

Everyone has one and most of ‘em smell.

Yes, we’ve cleaned up that old chestnut in fairness to young Houston Texans readers who are in a G-rated age group … though we can do little to tone down the harsh criticism leveled by an “anonymous NFL executive” at the Houston Texans' picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.

"Honestly,” the exec told Mike Sando of The Athletic, “I don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

We find this disturbing - but not for the reason the reason you, dear reader, might think.

Bothered because some random “NFL exec” liked the selection of receiver Nico Collins but disliked most everything else executed by first-year Texans GM Nick Caserio?

Not really.

Taken a bit aback that one NFL team boss would so viciously slam the work of another NFL team boss?

Yeah, that is a bit unusual.

As always (and no disrespect to Sando, who is simply utilizing one of the necessary-evil tools of our trade), it’s a shame an “NFL exec” with this much of an authoritative opinion didn’t also have the authoritative power to attach his name to it.

Viewing this draft objectively: Houston robbed itself of getting “good grades” from critics as the Texans traded away their picks in the first two rounds.

But there is nothing objectively wrong with Houston having taken a high-reward dart throw at No. 67 overall Stanford quarterback Davis Mills. There is nothing objectively wrong with adding Collins later in the third round. There is nothing wrong with Brevin Jordan from Miami, who many thought was the third-best tight end in the class.

There is noting wrong with late picks Garret Wallow (the TCU linebacker) and Roy Lopez (the Arizona defensive tackle) … and if we’re really ripping fifth- and sixth-round picks?

There is, frankly, some pretense in doing so.

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For what it’s worth, Houston’s draft take got a B-minus from ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. And our friend Dane Brugler (also writing in The Athletic) went top to bottom on Houston’s picks, labeling Mills “a good pick” with “NFL starting potential” and noting Lopez t “has terrific agility, contact balance and upper-body strength to be a one-gap nose in a four-man front.”

Is the “anonymous NFL exec” automatically more knowledgeable than Dane Brugler? Or than Nick Caserio? Our opinion would be “no.”

But … opinions are like … noses.

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