Owner McNair Talks Houston Texans QBs Deshaun Watson And Davis Mills

Houston Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair recently spoke about quarterback Deshaun Watson's legal battle and what the organization saw in rookie QB Davis Mills.
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The future of the Houston Texans at quarterback is uncertain, with Deshaun Watson currently in the middle of 22 civil lawsuits and having requested a trade earlier this offseason. 

Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair was recently asked about Watson's situation.

"I really don’t have anything new," said McNair according to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain. "There's ongoing investigations, and we really can’t comment until they run their course."

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With Watson's future up in the air, the Texans were forced to look elsewhere this offseason for potential answers at QB. After acquiring veterans Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Finley earlier this year, Houston went on to draft Davis Mills with the 67th overall pick just last week, a player who brings with him less experience than many would wish for, but a potentially high ceiling. 

And McNair discussed what the organization saw in Mills, on whom they used their highest draft pick.

"They see a prototypical-type quarterback that has a big arm," said McNair. "They’re excited to get (Mills) in here and work with him. Like all the positions, they were looking for guys that can come in and contribute, and they think he can do that."

Mills had just 11 starts at Stanford, thanks to a knee injury early on. However, many including his former head coach David Shaw, believe the Texans may have gotten themselves a steal in the third round and that Mills has the ability to start in the NFL.

And given Taylor's injury history and Watson's uncertain future, Mills' potential may well be tested sooner rather than later.

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